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Rice: Wait, use common sense before passing judgment

When I was in military basic training (boot camp) during the middle 1960s in San Antonio, Texas, for eight grueling weeks, one particularly hot,...

Boyd: On repeat … like a broken record

I sound like a broken record. It seems like every few weeks I’m writing about COVID-19 in one way or another. Well, I’m going to...

Smith: Christianity is open to all

I recently posted a meme that — in an obviously playful way — suggested that Christians should block romantic partners who don’t share their...

Shackleford: Why give us breadcrumbs when we deserve the whole loaf?

While we have spent a great deal of the last year moving forward in our pursuit for equity, we have also struggled with maintaining...

McMichael: Fitted to fly

The crowd of high school boys who converged at Indiana University must have been excited. It was May 1932, and they’d been chosen from...

Respect reproductive rights: Slow down redistricting in Indiana

Now that the Census’ population data has been released, Democrats and Republicans are ramping up efforts to use the information and draw congressional lines that will...

Conservatively Speaking: The elephant in the room

“Uncle Tom,” “sell out” and “bootlicker” are just some of the epithets that people use to describe Black Republicans. As a Black person in...

Boyd: Gerrymandering another form of voter suppression

Growing up you learn how important voting is. This right to vote in the U.S. is something that makes us special. It’s something citizens...

Smith: September 11th: 20 years later

The first plane hit the north tower at 8:46 a.m. The second one hit the south tower at 9:03 a.m. The third hit the...

Shabazz: Poll: African American attitudes on crime, COVID-19 and charter schools

When it comes to crime and public safety, a clear majority of registered African American voters in Marion County think the city is less...


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