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Community Voices

Think About It: If it isn’t systemic racism, then what is it?

We have well-known leaders in our political, law enforcement, religious, judicial and other systemic areas of society that unabashedly assert that systemic racism does...

I’m Just Sayin’: legislative session wrap-up

I’ve been a little busy these last several months. The 2021 legislative session was one of the wildest in living memory and technically it still...

Hayes: Let’s work together to eradicate breast cancer

Racism is a social factor that leads to disparities in health outcomes and economic disadvantages among Black Americans. Racism acts as a stressor and...

Shabazz: America is not a racist country

Is America a racist country? Of course not, even though some people think it is. Allow me to explain. In response to the president’s address to...

Think About It: ‘Culture eats policy for breakfast: The racial divide between policing and the community’

In the 1860s slavery ended, but “race” as social status and the basis of our human identities remained. This is a passage from research...

Smith: Breathing a little easier

“He mattered because he was a human being.” Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison delivered these solemn, simple, sermonic words at a press conference following the...

Shackleford: HB 1006: The Great Compromise

When you hear the word compromise, you think of sacrifice, loss and war. While that may be the case in many compromises, House Bill...

Attacking Indianapolis’ litter problem

Recently I’ve noticed an increasing amount of litter around Indianapolis. It is distressing to me that some people take so little pride and care...

Help me understand

Like a lot of people in the world today, I have a Facebook account and a Twitter account. I post to Facebook practically every...

HBCUs: America’s pathway to next generation prosperity

In tribute to Dr. King’s Calls for economic inclusion I once had a powerful interaction with Mrs. Coretta Scott King while taking her order for...


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