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Be thankful and grateful for a happy life

Are you interested in knowing a great way to not only be happier in life, but also increase your overall health? If so, the...

Parents, let’s get involved with our schools

For years the Indianapolis Public Schools system has gotten a bad reputation from the general community as well as some of its students and...

Explaining a shocker of an election

The signs were there. Five days before an election that made history, Mayor Bart Peterson received only polite applause when he addressed the annual...

You can’t yell ‘fire’ in an Internet theatre; the RiShawn Biddle fiasco

The career of African-American journalist RiShawn Biddle came crashing down in a blaze of racial self hate last week. The week included professional journalists...

It may be a long four years

See what happens when you don’t vote? With Republicans taking the mayor’s office as well as control of the City-County Council, Tuesday’s general election...

Just Tellin’ It

Some blunt words. Neither Mayor Bart Peterson, Monroe Gray nor City-County Council Democrats raised your, mine or anyone else’s property taxes by double or...

Can African-Americans come together over Africa?

I recently watched a very interesting documentary about Bishop Charles Blake that was broadcast on Black Entertainment Television (BET). Blake is senior pastor of...

My first televised political debate

“Would you like to be in a mayoral debate?” With that phone call question, I finally participated in a televised political debate. Since this...

Be a part of the solution: vote Nov. 6

1. Your trash collector. 2. The amount you pay for your sewage bill. 3. Deciding to increase or decrease taxes. 4. The adoption of...

Mean-spirited criticism helps no one

It’s an extremely unfortunate thing when Blacks look at one another as enemies and attempt to stifle any success the other may have. This...


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