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Racial divide is still wide

Race in America is something that has existed since the beginning of this country’s founding, but it’s also a subject matter that for years,...

Why you saw me on CNN; notes from a close Indiana election

Over three days last week, four independent surveys, two sponsored by media organizations, one by a private research firm, another by Big Ten universities...

Shame on the city for Timber Ridge

Atrocious. That’s the first word that came to my mind as I walked into an older lady’s residence at Timber Ridge Apartments Tuesday. Earlier...

Get creative with arts funding; tap cable fee cash

When it wants to solve difficult problems, Indianapolis can be creative. Thirteen years ago, then Mayor Steve Goldsmith used creativity to help a major...

Let’s talk about immigration

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit tired of all the quirky, off the-wall, mud slinging comments that some involved in the...

Indiana key to political Super Bowl LVI as Obama returns

The last time I saw him up close and personal, he was nattily dressed in a full suit, calm, cool and collected sitting on...

Obama wows America; while America says "oww" on Sarah Palin

All year Barack Obama’s campaign has been a well-oiled machine. So I wasn’t surprised that last week’s Democratic National Convention was free of the...

Why Palin is a no-go

As a woman, I’m offended. As an individual with at least one-degree of common sense, I’m offended. To select a female vice president solely...

In a week when Blacks’ hopes soared; Mayor Ballard commits a dastardly deed

On Aug. 28, 2008, Indianapolis, America and the world watched history as Barack Obama formally accepted his party’s nomination for the most important office...

Historic Democratic convention awesome spectacle

Historic. Meaningful. Endearing. Those are the words that continuously ran through my mind as I watched the first night of the Democratic National Convention...


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