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Growing food is the real wealth

Ten year financial planning is what most financially successful people use to stay wealthy. Their meticulous planning affords their families financial freedom for generations. How many...

Where is the independent relationship between a lender and a borrower using funds from the American taxpayers?

In recent days, there have been a number of news articles about “large” publicly-traded businesses receiving Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans of substantial amounts - $10 million...

Minorities, women face substantial barriers in business, study finds

Minority and women-owned businesses are underutilized in city contracts. This is according to the findings of the 2019 City of Indianapolis Disparity Study conducted...

Prison phone rates generate billions for companies – and cause stress for black families

Garry Lawrence’s family worried about paying his legal fees. But phoning him in prison nearly bankrupted them.When Garry was arrested almost seven years ago...

Black-owned boutique brings thrill to thrifting

Thrifting seems to be the No. 1 buzz word on the tips of fashionista’s tongues these days. The pasttime of scouring through racks of...

Lesson.ly to Create 74 New Jobs by 2018

Lesson.ly, an employee training software company, announced plans today to create up to 74 new jobs and invest up to $600,000 in capital investment...

The delusion of U.S. economic progress

Imagine the U.S. dollar being worthless. Picture millionaires and billionaires becoming “thousand-aires” overnight.Think about the possibility of 200 million U.S. citizens being unable to...

The struggle continues for Blacks, poor

Poverty is real. So too are the effects of poverty, which often exceed one’s financial limitations.I recently engaged in an intense debate with someone...

Growing in a slow growth economy

Most of the economic indicators point to continued slow growth in the U.S. economy. The third quarter gross domestic product (GDP) growth was 2.6...

Living with a two-faced economy

We are currently living with a two-faced economy. The front face proclaims that the U.S. has had three quarters of positive economic growth, a...
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