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Indiana low-income solar programs get more than $117 million in federal funding

New federal funding will allow for the development of low-income solar programs throughout the state.

Wading through Indiana’s wetlands

Indiana’s environmental landscape has been a topic of debate during the 2024 legislative session, with the environmental bill Act (HEA) 1383 fast-tracked through both chambers before recess.

The three-fold fight of environmental justice: Black advocates are already providing solutions, now they need support

Environmental justice issues are an “interwoven tapestry” of entities and people working together to solve problems within the United States. A new report from...

Gary community group questions proposed biofuel plant emission calculations, litigation tactics

A community group in Gary, Indiana, is concerned that a planned biofuel operation will add more pollutants to the city’s already toxic environment and...

EPA proposes tighter lead paint standards for child-care facilities, homes

In an effort to protect children and communities from the harmful effects of exposure to dust generated from lead paint, the EPA proposed strengthening...

Sackett v EPA: One big win for real estate developers, one huge loss in the fight to protect Indiana’s wetlands

As Indiana struggles with troubled waterways, concerns are mounting among activists and environmentalists over the potential economic and ecological impacts of a recent U.S....

The summer of smoke is just getting started

Unusually hot and dry conditions are fueling an early and intense wildfire season in Canada and blanketing the U.S. in a toxic haze. Last...

Hundreds forced from Indiana homes as plastics fire burns

RICHMOND, Ind. (AP) — An evacuation order affecting more than 1,000 people was expected to remain in place through Wednesday around a large industrial fire in...

Study: New Clean Air Rules Will Cost Black Jobs

Thousands of black coal miners, truck drivers and factory workers will lose their jobs as new clean air regulations take effect, says Harry Alford,...

City Issues Reminder About Open Burning Regulations For Marion County

The Department of Code Enforcement (DCE) wants to remind citizens that “open burning” which encompasses the burning of anything outside can lead to health...
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