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oseye boyd

Boyd: Separating the real from the fake for democracy’s sake

I know it seems like ages ago, but Jan. 6 wasn’t even a year ago. Typical of America’s short attention span, many have moved on...

Boyd: The bitter side of sugar

Sugar ain’t sweet. That’s a lesson I learned as a child when I heard adults discuss the seriousness of having “sugar.” I later learned sugar...

Boyd: The fight for legalized marijuana picking up steam in Indiana

Sometimes I wonder if we realize how powerful we are. Society is the way it is because we created it to be so, and...

Boyd: Changing perceptions to end domestic violence

My introduction to domestic violence was through the movie “The Burning Bed.” Farrah Fawcett portrayed a battered wife who couldn’t get help anywhere and...

Boyd: Finally listening to the voices of Black women

No matter your race or ethnicity, if you’re a woman, your voice is often ignored. However, if you’re a Black woman, your voice isn’t even...

Boyd: Gerrymandering another form of voter suppression

Growing up you learn how important voting is. This right to vote in the U.S. is something that makes us special. It’s something citizens...

Boyd: Critical race theory: ‘the boogeyman of 2021’

If there is one thing conservatives know how to do it is whip people into a frenzy. When the right takes a stand against...

Boyd: Low wages are the problem, not workers

The COVID-19 pandemic created a giant chasm between public health and safety and the economy. Maybe the chasm was always there, but it became more...

Boyd: Netflix’s ‘High on the Hog’ celebrates Black food and culture

I love food and consider myself a foodie. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking. For me, food has always been about love. Not so much...

Boyd: Black men: America’s scapegoat for violence

I’ve been thinking about violence a lot lately. June just began, and we’ve already surpassed 100 homicides. I’m fearful the numbers will continue to climb as...
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