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Black Men on campus: The trials and triumphs of being Black at Harvard University

The story of Black men attending and graduating from Harvard University is one of triumph, perseverance and companionship. Despite facing numerous obstacles, these men...

Black patients and white coats: Tackling health care bias

Under the Patient Bill of Rights, people have the right to request a new doctor, nurse or caregiver. They can also get a timely response to requests from medical professionals.

Boyd: Yes, we can we recreate the U.S.A.

We live in a made-up world. I don’t mean it’s not real because it certainly is. Our society, however, is constructed based on the thoughts...

CDC declaration on racism an important step, experts say 

Now that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director has called racism a “serious public health threat,” public health experts are watching...

Well past time to remove white supremacy,toxic culture from the art world

Earlier this month a job posting for Newfields (formerly Indianapolis Museum of Art) went viral. Newfields advertised a job opening by stating that the...

Colorblind is not a good goal

The other day I heard someone say he was taught not to notice race or color and isn’t that the goal? I’ve heard this...

Circle City solidarity: Vigil conveys unity with Charlottesville, community seeks to keep momentum going

When torch-bearing demonstrators carrying swastikas and Confederate flags gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, for a “Unite the Right” rally in protest of the removal of...

Organization seeks to unravel racism

Will our nation ever be free of racism? One organization believes it’s possible, and they are on a mission to teach America how. The People’s...

Original sin

Theologically speaking, the original sin occurred with Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis. Their act of disobedience, as I’m sure you’re aware,...

KKK no longer a threat?

Many are aware that the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), a white supremacy group, has recently attempted to rebrand its organization. Today, the Klan, which...
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