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The Rewards of Rewarding Staff

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Many businesses offer incentives to their staff as a reward for continued good work, whether these come as annual events or as one-off occurrences.

For example, some companies offer one or two days out a year, where staff can enjoy a day off consisting of group activities – which often contribute to team building goals – sometimes followed by dinner or a company party afterwards.

If individual staff members show particularly good work, many companies also offer them vouchers for electronics or spa treatments as a reward. In both instances, the benefits for both the staff member and the company itself are numerous.

Rewarding staff is an important part of raising company morale. Particularly during the recession, many office workers are anxious about company reshuffles and a dwindling economy. Overall, the job sector is grim and staff will appreciate being shown that they are valued in their place of work. Whether this comes from ordering a stack of pizzas to be delivered every now and then or from organising company social events, the more you express appreciation for your staff, the happier they will be to work for you.

What’s more, by providing staff incentives, you could actually increase productivity as workers strive to meet targets in order to achieve a reward. This could be a cash bonus for whoever meets the most targets, or even a reward like half a day off, a lie in or another work-related bonus. Incentives like these really do not cost much in the grand scheme of things and yet can have a massive impact on the productivity of staff.

Knowing that their company values them enough to put on a party to thank them for their hard work is enough to make many people continue to work hard. Similarly, incentivising individuals to put in the effort to succeed in return for a special reward has the same type of results. And the more you reward staff, the happier they will be to work, which naturally leads on to better work being completed.

If you’re considering different ways to reward your staff, consider company parties, team building days and individual accolades for the person or team that hits the most targets in a period of time. Whether you’re offering vouchers, cash or spa treatments treatments as an incentive, it’s very likely that you’ll begin to notice a difference in how your staff views work very quickly.

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Victoria Cochrane writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

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