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Tips to Rollover Your 401k

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If you are about to change your job, you need to decide on how to rollover your 401k.

If your money is still in your previous employer’s 401k account, it is advisable to swap it into an account where you can manage and control rather than your previous employer making the decisions. Unfortunately, many people get hit with unnecessary penalties by withdrawing their funds, which can affect your retirement plans. So, the best option would be to rollover your 401k.

Why Rollover

The 401k rollover is an ideal alternative as it allows you to swap your existing (retirement) account into your new employer’s plan or your new tax-deferred individual retirement account (IRA). Following are some more advantages of rollover-

Better Investment Options- You have the right to select your own investment options (as in the case of an IRA) and not get limited to the funds selected by your employer.

Lesser Fee- Under a 401k, you may be charged a sum up to 2 percent from your account manager. Most of the IRA rollovers do not charge this high of an administration fee, hence enhancing immediate savings.

Easy Account management- You will have an ease of checking whether you are on the track of retirement with the ease of collating the retirement money earned in a single place. You can easily calculate your real return and know the performance of individual funds or other investments.

Ways to rollover your 401k Rollover in your new employer’s plan: Rolling into your new employer’s 401k is efficient because you have no investment minimum on the fund options. Moreover you may like to roll the money in your new employer’s plan for various reasons like

You may require a loan someday

You may want to integrate all your retirement savings in one place for easy management.

Your new employer might have an interesting plan with greater funds.

Aside from some benefits, there are also many drawbacks to this plan. Firstly, these accounts are employer-driven. So as long as you are an active employee of the particular organization, you are adhered to these plans and rules. This implies that you will have to abide by the investment choice made by the employee and you will not have access to your funds till you change your job or take a loan.

401k to IRA Rollover : Rolling over your 401k into an IRA is the smartest option to do with your retirement money. You can roll your money from your 401k into a traditional IRA by partially rolling only a part of your 401k, while leaving the rest in your account or taking it out.

If you have a traditional IRA, you can roll your 401k money in that account; otherwise create a separate IRA for your money to keep track of your funds. Next, you have to choose the firm or mutual fund company with which you want to invest your IRA. You can also decide it with the help of a financial planner. Select the firm that is clear with its terms, fees and other specific conditions. Talk to your advisor and know the mutual fund or money manager that you would invest in. Some firms allow you to do similar investments that you had with 401k. Finally you are ready to open your account and 401k rollover to IRA.

Despite many advantages, this plan would not be a better option for the ones looking for flexibility because you are tied to the company’s offers. While most of the fund companies can satisfy the investor’s needs but to track in individual stocks, ETFs etc. you will have to create a separate account with a brokerage with additional investment minimums.

The main benefit of rolling your money into an IRA is that it will grow tax-free till your retirement and provide you the funds to have a prosperous retirement.

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About The Author:

Tom Jones is an expert and smart investment consultant for 401K rollovers at 6339 Ten Oaks Rd Clarksville MD 21029. You can get 401K rollovers to IRA and free recommendations that will help you to take right decision.

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