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How would you respond if somebody asks you something about your connection with the god? Probably we will refuse or spiritually speak-

‘I connect myself all the time with the god whenever we begin any new task, I connect myself with the god as soon as I get up in the morning and so on…..’

Here in this context we can take a name ‘cccbalmain.org’. It is a contemporary, friendly, fun church where people come to know God better, make friends, and grow. Undoubtedly it is doing innovative and praiseworthy work. Well! One can say that this article is also inspired by cccbalmain.org and hence it will explore how to connect to, & understand “spirit”.

Every task begins with its identity. So, it is quite important to know who we are. The answer is ‘child of god’. Almost everybody will agree that your connection with the god will begin with this thought. As we all are connected with our parents through our blood and DNA, similarly it applies with our relationship with the almighty god. Hence, just like the normal parent, we can find god 24/7/365.

Thus the basic idea is quite clear. We all are extensions of god and the entire time god is with us, right inside of us in our heart and spirit. Here, we must know that the spirit is the ultimate medium that works like DNA and directly links us with the god. Our almighty father (god) has bestowed us a power to do, be or have anything we desire. Sometimes, we feel that the power is only for a few people but it is not fact. It is idea of a person who did not make adequate effort. So, if you are planning a new resolution in coming season then do not forget to make your first resolution “be spiritual and connected to god”.

To be connected with the god does not mean to go church and mention your name in attendance register there. Why visiting search is so boring? Though, it is not and thanks to cccbalmain which could effectively spread up this message. Basically, connected with the god means to have a faith that we have access to ultimate power and god is our ‘Best Friend Forever’. Every individual may have different ideas about the path for connection with the god. Let’s have a look upon one of them. Whenever you get up in the morning, before leaving the bed, promise with yourself that you will consult with the spirit for everything you will do today.

It does not matter whether you have planned to do some auspicious works today or not. The thing which matters here is even if you are going for shower then you make a bold statement and say ‘Yeah, my spirit wants to take me for a shower.’ It may seem a childish act but why do we forget after all we are child of god.

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For more information about Sydney church , Balmain Church, C3 Church in Rozelle. Come online visit us http://www.cccbalmain.org/

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