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Reformed Christian Books: Understanding Theology of teh 21st century.

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Religion is a very important part of everyone’s life.

In order to follow a religious path properly, it is essential to first identify what it is actually about, what the teachings and customs are. To help a person with these issues, EP, a non-profit organisation, provides Christian followers with a wide variety of books dealing with different concerns about the Christian religion. They provide Bibles, biblical studies, reformed Christian books and such. They have designed a website to make the process of purchase easier for the customers. The website www.epbooks.org was thus formulated so that the maximum number of people could easily get Christian books and correct biblical teaching. EP, earlier known as Evangelist Press, uses the money to hold seminars and conferences to promote Christian religion and impart biblical teachings.

Promoting reformed literature is the main aim of EP Books. They publish in English, French and Chinese and have books in over fifty languages at the moment. They give equal importance to all of their work, no matter what country or area it may be in. EP Books provides reformed Christian books as it is strongly dedicated to historical, evangelical and reformed faith. Reformed faith, also known as Calvinism, is a theological system created by theologians like Martin Bucer and Peter Martyr Vermigli. But because of the influence of John Calvin on it and also due to his participation in the confessional debates of the 16th century, it often bears his name. It is the belief of this faith that humans are entirely at the mercy of god. It believes that mortals cannot do anything to obtain salvation and god alone provides them with it. This faith is also sometimes identified with Augustinianism its central issues were expressed by St. Augustine.

EP Books also reviews and publishes manuscripts from new authors as long as they are theological in all entireties. They accept manuscripts for devotional books, doctrines and theologies and also reformed Christian books. Apart from the website, there are many stores available from which customers can buy books. The question most commonly asked by followers is what is Reformed Theology? EP Books aims at providing readers with books that will make their understanding of religion better and also will help them grow as individuals and learn and accept the best teaching of reformed Christianity. It also provides hymn books, evangelist teachings, books on Christian life, books about the history of Christianity and churches and other media like CDs and DVDs. They have thousands of titles which are all available at their website and are delivered without delay to their customer’s doorstep. People all around the world trust them and their books.

Reformed Christian books deal with many aspects of the theology. The books are aimed at reaching as many people and touching as many lives as possible. The reformed theory was formed out of the theology of John Calvin and was reformed by the Puritans. Reformed Christian faith teaches that Jesus Christ is above all creation. All reformed Christian churches believe in the same. Usually, the reformed believers give much more importance to this fact than others Christians. A lot of emphasis is thus laid on imparting Christian education is this faith. EP also lays great emphasis on providing the right kind of teachings to its followers. It essential to give out correct knowledge and information and EP Books strives to improve itself day after day. Apart from at www.epbooks.org, reformed Christian books are easily available at many other dealers and at most shops due to its popularity. It has a lot of followers and thus reformed Christian books see a large market.

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