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Martin U. dean encourages Blacks to save, invest

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“If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting” – Benjamin Franklin.

Jesse Brown has garnered much success as a financial counselor for famed journalist Tavis Smiley’s website and a financial advisor for high net worth individuals, but realized that it was the average person who needed sound advice.

“Too many people don’t plan for their future,” said Brown. “It’s primarily African-Americans but truthfully, Americans in general are poor savers – we’re a consumer nation. Family discussions just aren’t about saving and investing.”

Brown addresses this and more in his newest book titled Investing in the Dream. The book educates the reader on various ways to invest, such as learning about the benefits of the stock market and mutual funds, and offers easy to follow and exact information on how Blacks can achieve their financial goals. Investing in the Dream also gives inspirational stories of success.

“Jesse Brown has created a step-by-step process to help people at all economic levels take charge of their financial future. Complete with clear-cut examples, this book can encourage anyone to overcome fears and begin a life of financial security,” said educator, author and businessman, Stedman Graham about Brown’s book.

Brown said the reason he wrote Investing in the Dream stems from a portion of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

“He commented on the fact that America had presented a blank check that was unable to be cashed because the nation has taken that notion of prosperity away from (Blacks). We have not been able to participate in the pure American dream of prosperity,” said Brown. “In America, it’s not about being rich, it’s about being wealthy and passing that on to sons and grandsons. We have the ability to do it.”

Other books penned by Brown include 101 Real Money Questions and Pay Yourself First.

The Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management alumnus says that saving and investing is not difficult nor is it intimidating, however, people must learn good financial habits with the money they currently have and stick with those habits.

When confronting people about their habits, Brown asks them to close their eyes and visualize themselves being old, sick and broke. This doesn’t have to be reality.

One of the pieces of advice Brown gives to his clients is to understand how money works and to be purposeful and expedient when it comes to saving. If saving is done immediately and habitually, whether it’s in a 401K or an interest accruing savings account, that money won’t be missed and will accumulate over time.

Brown does not condone or judge African-Americans for their poor financial choices but completely understands it.

“Historically Blacks were late to the middle class. Consequently, when Blacks moved into that class, many were so delighted, they found ways to spend that money instead of saving it. If you hadn’t had a big car, house or whatever it is that brought you in with the Joneses, you went out and bought it,” said Brown. “And guess what, when you fail to plan you plan to fail.”

Brown believes that another way for Blacks to build wealth over time is to repair the Black family and learn as a family unit financial success. Brown not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

“I came from a family of savers,” said Brown. “My mother oftentimes said ‘boy, pay yourself first.’ What she meant by that was to make myself one of my most important bills.”

That advice followed him in his personal life and professional career. He became a financial advisor after a working for the Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. He became extremely successful during that time dealing with individuals that had lucrative wealth planning strategies.

Today, Brown is the Dean of the College of Business at Martin University. He also has three books under his belt and is hopeful that Blacks will see the light at the end of the financial tunnel.

“I believe (greater saving and wealth planning) will be done in this generation,” said Brown.

To purchase Investing in the Dream, visit amazon.com.

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