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How does Faith in God give us Freedom from our Problems?

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Christian literature usually emphasize on the phrase that “God’s love and grace are enough.”

Christian personals though believing on the sayings are not much affected by the truth. While fighting the negativities in our life, people often neglect the crucial truth that the love and grace of God is unlimited and it does not end. Most of the Christian personals do not acknowledge the love and grace of God which result into the increase in unhealthy behavior. They always expect for something more from what God is offering to them. If we do not firmly believe that the love and grace of God are not enough, then we will spend most of our life unsatisfactorily. Christian personals are more focused on fulfilling their own needs which in return makes them a victim of unnecessary worries and problems.

Christian news and literatures say to have faith on God in times of difficulties. As, it often happens that when we face problem we look for alternative methods. We do not think of the plan that God has restored for us. But we get involved immensely involved in finding a way through the problem. Being popular, successful and correct, while treading the path of life always means to us that we are enjoying the love and blessing of God. We put different things in the places that lead up in framing happiness. And when we do this, we do not usually believe in the blessings of God. Christian personals need to believe in the power of God and eventually understand the importance of his grace in their life. However, when we are successful in figuring out the choice of believing that the love and grace bestowed upon by God is enough, irrespective of our feeling and the situations we are facing, we are opened to experience the power of God and also comfort in our lives. We enjoy the feeling of satisfaction and peace in our life and we do not have to worry on the unfortunate happenings of the day but believe in the fact that God’s love and grace will help you conquer every problem.

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