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Deep-fried desserts—the best way to spend your singles on $2 Tuesday

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$2 Tuesday at the Indiana State Fair—the perfect time to find the best sweet treats for those who crave some sugar or, in this case, deep-fried batter.

1. Deep-fried cookie dough

Don’t listen to what your mom always told you. This cookie dough is perfectly safe to eat. I mean, the outside batter is cooked at least.

Joining the ranks of other delicious deep-fried treats such as Oreos, Snickers and butter is deep-fried cookie dough. On $2 Tuesday you can sample two pieces of cookie dough that have been dipped in batter and fried until even more delicious. Then they add a healthy coat of powdered sugar to top it all off.

I liked this more than actual cookies. I wonder what a deep-fried cookie tastes like?

2. S’mores milkshake

The Dairy Bar is offering a deal on its new S’mores milkshake. Yes, S’mores milkshake.

What does it taste like? Well, take a s’more, and turn it into a milkshake and you’ve pretty much got it.

S’mores milkshakes are great since they have the taste of a fresh-made s’more but with none of that pesky fire business. Also, there’s no sticky marshmallow to get stuck on your face—or in the author’s case, moustache and beard.

3. Pineapple whip

Pineapple ice cream is the easiest (but not most accurate) way to describe our next sweet confection. Just as an example of how good it is, our professor bought each one of us a pineapple whip at the start of the fair, full price. We were all converted to the ways of the pineapple whip.

Who wouldn’t want this delicious treat in their life? Unfortunately they’re only available for $2 at certain stands, but they’re worth hunting for.

4. Deep-fried brownies

Cardiologists probably hate us right now, since this is our second deep-fried dessert suggestion. But it’s hard to walk by the stand and not stop in for a rich, deliciously fattening, deep-fried brownie.

After sampling deep-fried Oreos and Twinkies, we’re big fans of deep-fried baked goods. Brownies are no different than the others, meaning they get more delicious the more unhealthy they get. 

Be sure to get your deep-fried treats quickly since the lines grow to disconcerting lengths by midday.

5. Mouse ears

Mickey Mouse was not harmed in the making of these $2 treats! Elephant ears have been a fair staple for years, and now they’ve spawned a little cohort: mouse ears.

Basically a smaller version of an elephant ear, mouse ears contain all the delicious flavor in a smaller package. They’re smaller because they’re only $2, but they’re great for kids, people wanting something sweet but not huge, or those who don’t want to share. We’re sticking with the don’t-want-to-share option.

Joe Grove is a writer for BSU Journalism at the fair, a group of 30 students telling Indiana’s stories from a trailer somewhere between the cheese sculpture and the state’s biggest sow. These BSU immersive-learning project works for elephant ears… or in this case, mouse ears.

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