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Wendy Williams

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Whether it’s been on the radio, a previous VH1 television series, one of her three released books, or even her newest endeavor, “The Wendy Williams Show,” that airs live throughout the week; we’ve all heard Williams’ perspective on all things celebrity and entertainment.

The Recorder recently had a sit-down with the ubber-popular Williams to learn more about Wendy Williams, the woman rather than Wendy Williams the brand.

Below, Williams speaks candidly about everything from leaving radio, to being a trophy wife, and even the pain she experienced during her drug-addicted years.

On leaving radio

I was on radio for 23 years and I’d done just about everything I could do in radio in terms of acknowledgements and accolades – I’ve won every award. I started out on radio in college, so I came up the ranks. Only me and my husband knew I was leaving radio. So when I got the call to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, I said, ‘They don’t even know I was leaving. This is a perfect ending…a way to go out on top of a stellar career while the ratings are good, I have my respect, they’re not throwing me out. I’m leaving on a high.’

On getting glam for TV

Believe it or not hair and make-up are the least of the prepping – that takes an hour. Merrill’s got the make up down, wigs make it very easy because you have the wigs lined up and I say ‘which one do I want to wear.’ I pick my hair based on my outfit. It’s all very seamless. I don’t have bad skin, so he doesn’t have to match foundation. And my stylist is terrific. She and I definitely agree on just about everything.

On dieting

I watch my diet; I’m very conscience of staying a particular size, for me. Second, for my husband who enjoys an arm charm and my son, at age nine, enjoys having a hot mom. I enjoy giving it to them and they enjoy taking it.

On receiving help from others

There’s two ways you can be at this point in life. You can be a hard head and act like you know it all, or you can be accepting of who you are – strengths and weaknesses – and willing to accept advice from others, within the confines of still being yourself. I’m the latter.

On being a recovering cocaine addict

I am who I am and I did what I did. I’m not ashamed of it and if I wasn’t that person, I couldn’t be this person. I can look people in the eye with all honesty and say that I am fully recovered and have no temptation at all to go back to that life. I don’t care how bad this life that I lead right now gets, there’s nothing that can make me go back to that sloppy, irresponsible, hurtful way of life.

On maturation

A lot of time I think success and money are wasted on younger people. It’s not until you’ve experienced certain things in life for real that you can truly and authentically process something like great popularity or success. If this would have happened to me 10 years ago, I would have been a different person – probably a jerk. But right now I am not a jerk. I am humbled by this experience and very appreciative of my staff. I love my life. It’s family first, career second.

On future endeavors

I want to do things that will be enhanced by having a great TV show. For instance, I want to have a shoe line and a wig line. I would like to get more involved in juvenile violence, but my voice, ideas and my presence is much more powerful if my TV show sticks.

On knowing when enough is enough

After (achieving all my goals) I want to go back to Jersey. I don’t want it all…I just want my fair share of the pie. I got a good life and I’m not trying to mess it up by working 25 hours a day, I’m not trying to work myself into sick, I want to see our son grow and I would like to stay married until forever.

About Wendy Williams

Williams is the author of three books: Wendy’s Got the Heat, The Wendy Williams Experience, and Ritz Harper Goes to Hollywood.

Her husband of 11 years, Kevin Hunter is an executive producer on “The Wendy Williams Show” and also manages his wife’s career

Williams and Hunter have a 9-year-old son, Kevin Jr.

Williams grew up in Ocean Township, N. J.

Williams attended Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. and has a bachelor’s degree in communications and a minor is journalism.

“The Wendy Williams Show” airs locally weekdays on MyIndy-TV Channel 23 at

11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Wendy Williams will be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame on Nov. 7 in Chicago, Ill. The mission of the National Radio Hall of Fame and Museum is to recognize and showcase contemporary talent from today’s diverse programming formats, as well as the pioneers who shaped the medium during its infancy.

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