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Before writing this short blog I looked up the term violence via dictionary.com and a list of six slightly different definitions came up I found interesting. One defined it as “rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment” and another in which I found to be very sarcastic, “damage through distortion or unwarranted alteration.” I’m beginning to think the word violence is being tossed around more freely like the term love, or brother, or family when according to the latest news story, we have truly lost all meaning of the terms. Is this not Black History Month? Have we all forgotten how to be ‘your brothers’ keeper’? Certainly. The violence in our community sickens and brings tears to my eyes because I believe things are only going to get worse way before things get better.

It’s no secret the news stations in the city have been airing many black on black crimes lately. I wonder who they are REALLY trying to warn, because all I see is fear, disgrace and silence shakes of the head from the people around me. Parents empathize about the craziness in our city, but also don’t understand how to end the violence. The older generation says, “It’s these kids with no jobs with nothing to do that commit these crimes.” I recently listened to AM 1310 “The Light” radio station one Friday afternoon to the Amos Brown show, and he was discussing the crime rate increasing in our city one month into the New Year. Mr. Brown and his guests were asking the listeners to offer suggestions on how to slow down the violence in our community. Some of those suggestions were in my opinion no good because the phrase “Stop Snitchin’” is at an all-time high. One caller proposed to give a reward or stipend for turning in the criminal in order to preserve our streets. It’s a suggestion nonetheless, but I don’t think money will stop the violence. To listen to the full clip visit: http://praiseindy.com/2015734/ministers-who-work-in-indys-mean-streets-ask-what-do-we-do-about-the-murders-violence/ 

Though it seems like people are becoming more concerned about the black on black crime, the media has no issue in showing us just how sad and disturbing some of the violence is to the viewer. Must we be reminded just how so and so died, or how sad the remaining family are after such tragedy? A story that aired on Channel 8 news about a young boy being killed minutes away from his home touched many people in the community. There were interviews and the formal call for help through the Tip line about the violence in our community but sadly nothing more. But they’re only reporters right? What more could they do but put the word out?

 Well this past Friday night a group of concerned activist took it upon their selves to do something for the family. At Write On the Spot Poetry, in the hood might I add, on 32nd and Clifton the community came together to raise funds for a proper burial for the family.

It wasn’t just about raising money however. The community came out and shared their love and support in the name of stopping the violence in our community. There’s always something to be said about the young generation and the lack of integrity, where were the media that night? Where were the reporters and camera crews to show the positive things happening in our community?

Nowhere to be found. Is the news biased? What defines a news story? What gives it its credible attire to be seen across the television screens in Indianapolis? Why are we attracted to the negative aspects in life instead of the positive? It’s my responsibility to be that change people have become so afraid of. We are responsible for each other. We will only be as great as our weakest link.

“Why would the revolution be televised, when the destruction sales so much more?”

About ParaLectra:

“I am a writer and I plan to allow my pen to plant seeds and flourish upon the eyes of my audience. Love is real and I hope to share a portion of my peace with you.”

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