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The Significance of Resumes in Securing a Job

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A resume represents your life’s work, abilities and achievements on a couple of pages and provides your employer with a snap shot of everything you are and can be within a few minutes of reading.

It is the document that weighs heaviest in deciding whether you get an interview or not and finally the job. Despite this, many applicants tend to take the resume too lightly and treat it as a one or two day project.

For companies to compete efficiently with each other they need skilled people who are not only experts and knowledgeable in their fields, but can also add value to the company’s existing structure and business. To ensure that the right candidate is hired, companies advertise job vacancies in a number of newspapers and online job boards to attract a large enough candidate pool.

The response is instantaneous once job opportunities are advertised, as resumes begin to flood into the HR department. They arrive in the hundreds, with lower positions receiving a greater number of applications compared to the higher posts demanding particular skills and expertise. Classifying and choosing the top resumes in a limited period of time is an enormous task for the employer, with resumes being scrutinized in less than a minute before deciding who gets called for an interview and who doesn’t. Even though this may not come across as being efficient, in reality, this task is executed by trained personnel who do a great job of selecting resumes based on several indicators like language and formatting. Only a handful of applicants are chosen for a second appraisal.

Be certain to scrutinize your resume in depth for basic errors in spellings, punctuation and language, to avoid any costly outcomes. A simple mistake can result in your resume being discarded without a second thought. Your resume will be reviewed within a few minute and you want the reviewer to locate your important details easily. To make sure this happens, use a business-like template, keeping a neat and clean layout that allows your employer to spot key information about you at a glance.

Research your industry and find all the skills and requirements for a job in that field. Prioritize these and think of your own skills and work accomplishments that match closely with these requirements. Make sure you leave out irrelevant and any other details that may prove to be a weakness. You need to convince your employer of your aptitude and ability to handle the job and exceed their expectations. This may take up a lot of your time, but it deserves every minute you can spare. If you want your resume to prove useful, make sure that each resume is tailor made to the requirements of each of the jobs.

Ask yourself if you are absolutely satisfied with your resume before handing it in to prospective employers. If you can honestly answer the question with a “Yes” go ahead and submit your resume. Keep in mind that there are no opportunities to alter what you’ve stated in your resume once it has been submitted and that your interview and future depend on it. Best of luck and happy hunting.

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About The Author:

David Nolton manages a successful Human Resource Consultancy firm and helps hundreds of applicants to successfully locate and secure jobs in Pakistan using popular printed media and free classifieds.

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