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Prince or Michael Jackson?

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Between the two, Prince and Michael Jackson have sold more records and had more top singles than most music artists of their time. The singers’ work appeals to multiple races, ages and both genders which some say makes them the two quintessential artists of all time.

Halloween night, Prince and MJ lovers can break out their sparkly glove or purple jumpsuit and attend a party in the singers’ honor at D’Vine Wine Bar, 5252 E. 82nd St..

Although the night will cover classic songs such as “Little Red Corvette” and “Bad,” local DJs Nick Saligoe, DJ MetroGnome, and Courtney Chatman, DJ Limelight, came up with the concept as a way to incorporate Halloween, great music, and an out of the norm experience for a wide variety of people.

“As we talked more about it, there are no two better artists, probably in the world, that you can cover. Their fan bases are huge, they cross every possible boundary and their careers are ridiculous,” said MetroGnome.

“With the advent of digital download and CD sales slacking, we’re never going to see artists like this again,” added Limelight.

Separating from The Jackson 5, Jackson’s first solo album “Off the Wall” did make waves, but it wasn’t until “Thriller” that put the moonwalker over the top. In 1984 Jackson won seven Grammy’s for “Thriller.”

“Thriller” is one of the best selling albums of all time and is estimated at selling over 50 million copies.

His Purple Highness has also made headway on the pop charts, but with albums such as “Soft and Wet,” “Dirty Mind,” and the film “Purple Rain,” Prince became known as a mysterious, flamboyant sex symbol creating erotic, unpredictable and highly controversial music.

Aside from Prince being over the top, the man whose moniker was at one time a symbol is also known as talented musician, producer, composer and some say a musical genius.

Prince and Jackson, personally and musically, may be on opposite sides of the spectrum, but as DJs who spin everything from rock to R&B, MetroGnome and Limelight wanted to give partygoers two artists that represent more than churning out songs.

MetroGnome, who will be representing Prince that evening, enjoys the fact that the 5-foot, 2-inch singer has a sense of freedom and diversity unlike most artists of his time.

Limelight believes as a musician, Jackson had more limits because he was a pop artist, but in terms of recognizable songs and fans, Jack-O has The Purple One beat.

With the expectation of quality classic music of the ‘70s and ‘80s, MetroGnome has faith that Prince vs. Michael will be a complete success because people want to be exposed to more than Top 40 music. The DJs want to use the event to expose partygoers to music and artists they know, love and want to hear again.

“It’s to break the norm. The way the record industry operates now, in terms of public access to music, in the clubs, there’s no freedom or options. That’s why we do what we do,” said MetroGnome.

Prince vs. Michael may be different from what clubbers are used to, but many have dubbed the event as the throwback event for ‘80s babies. Twenty somethings may be out in full force, but as two artists that have such a wide appeal, the event is something everyone can enjoy.

“Twenty-five, 26 year olds, this is for them. At the same time, my mother’s going to be there recognizing songs too,” said Limelight.

In addition to “Diamonds and Pearls” or “Pretty Young Thing,” the DJs will also be playing affiliates of the artists such as The Jackson 5, Rockwell, Janet Jackson, Appolonia, Vanity 6, and Morris Day and the Time.

Halloween night will be the night to honor what some say are two of the most influential artists of all time. Prince (DJ MetroGnome) vs. Michael Jackson (DJ LimeLight); who will win?

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