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Tips on Helping Your Family be Safe at Home

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We all realize how crucial safety is in our place of work. Both the state and federal governments have established agencies whose job it is to monitor employees’ safety. It is regrettable, but often the issue of safety is neglected when workers head for home. Ensure the safety of your family members by making this your number one concern at home as well. Use the following 10 tips as the basis for a home safety plan.

1. Formulate a strategy for evacuating your home. Have ‘dress rehearsals’ with family members for evacuating the home from different rooms or levels in case there is a fire. Decide upon a place to meet up to ascertain that everybody has evacuated safely.

2. Maintain multiple fire extinguishers in the home and make sure all of the adults and older teenagers can use them properly. It’s a bad time to read the instructions when the stove is on fire. Throughout the year, you should look at your extinguishers to make sure they are full and ready to go.

3. Have smoke detector devices installed, remembering to replace batteries two times per year. Repeat the slogan, “Change clocks, change smoke detector batteries” to burn this into your memory. Do not take the batteries out in order to use them in a different device.

A lot of people are handyman types who know that it’s just as important to follow the rules of safety in the home as well as the workplace.

4. Safety glasses or goggles should be worn whenever you are at risk of being exposed to flying debris, as during woodworking or sanding. Experts claim that you can prevent ninety percent of eye injuries by wearing protective eyewear. You can buy protective eyewear that has integrated magnification to prevent eyestrain and avoid having to wear eyeglasses beneath your goggles.

5. When using items at home such as leaf blowers, compressors, shop-vacs, or any other products which give off high decibels, be sure and wear earplugs or ear muffs which stifle sounds.

6. Make sure to dress in long slacks and sturdy footwear anytime you use your lawnmower.

There are specific safety steps that need to be followed for the home-office.

7. Always keep a minimum distance of 20″ between yourself and your computer screen. In order to prevent screen glare and strained eye muscles, properly adjust the brightness level.

8. Purchase a back supporting adjustable chair that maintains a proper height and allows your arms to be parallel to your thighs while typing. Repetitive stress injuries can be avoided by correct alignment of the wrists and arms.

9. Your computer mouse should be positioned in close range of your PC, preferably on a level with your keyboard. Repeatedly stretching the arm to grab the mouse can also hurt the shoulder.

10. When trying to reach items on the top shelves, use a ladder and not a chair.

Stick to these basic suggestions to ensure the safety and well-being of the members of your household.

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Lloyde Burstner has worked in construction for many years and knows the importance of having good industrial safety supply for his team. Lloyde recommends the large selection of quality products at Caloly to anyone whose profession requires the use of peltor worktunes and gear.

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