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10 Proven Conversion Boosters To Turbocharge Your Profits

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Are you satisfied with your website’s conversion rate? Whether your site is selling well or not, you should consistently test, track, and improve your results.

But before you invest thousands of dollars on a professional copywriter or consultant, take a look at the 10 conversion-boosting methods below and see if you’re applying them. If not, you could be leaving piles of money on the table.

1) Your headline must appeal to the reader’s problems or interests.

It must convey some personal benefits to the reader. Other vital qualities that could make your headline irresistible to read:

– It is associated with a currently hot news item.

– It arouses curiosity or creates controversy.

– It makes an incredible claim. This could be very effective, as long as you can immediately provide proof or evidence supporting the claim (in the subheadline or first paragraph below the headline). The claim is also more believable if it’s coming from authority figures like scientists, doctors, etc.).

2) Give excellent content.

People are more inclined to read helpful information or tips much more than they would a sales letter. So at the beginning of your copy, you could entice them to browse your site by stating the benefits they will gain after reading your message. You could say, “After you’ve read this entire letter, you would have already known how to create a passive monthly income stream.

You could extract an excerpt from your product and post it on your site. You could also convert it into a mini-course or short report they can download. Of course, it must contain topnotch content. Apply the power of curiosity, where you leave them hanging for more info at the end of the excerpt.

3) Research your target audience and know their jargons and word use, so you can speak personally to them in their own language.


Drugstore owners prefer to call their shop a pharmacy, not a drugstore.

Seamen work on a ship, not on a boat.

Using terms that only farmers, gardeners, engineers, lawyers, etc. use helps make your message more personal and credible to your prospects in those professions.

4) Expose any weakness or negative side of your product.

This will help build their trust, drop their defenses, and shift their focus on the positive aspects of your offer.

5) Think of all possible objections and plan ahead in countering them.

Your prospects might have some bad prior experience that’s stopping them from pushing through with the order. Take the necessary steps to remove their doubts and assure them of their satisfaction. These may include having a guarantee, testimonials, or an online business seal.

6) Tell them what they’re about to lose if they don’t act now.

People are more motivated by their fear of loss than the potential of gain. You could use the law of scarcity in this case. Offer a quantity-limited or time-sensitive discount or bonus, and tell them they will LOSE this rare opportunity if they don’t act immediately.

Here’s another example using this strategy. Tell your prospects that when they invest $50, they could get at least $1000 back. That means they stand to lose $950 if they didn’t get your product.

Paint a future filled with fear and problems; then show them the solution (your product), how this solution will save them from trouble, and step-by-step instructions on how to secure your product (walk them through the ordering process).

7) Use presuppositions.

This gives them the perception that they already own the product and are alredy experiencing its benefits.

For example, you could ask, “What will you do with your additional thousand dollars of passive income every month?” The beauty of this method is that they have to buy your product to attain these benefits.

8) Put up testimonials on your site.

To get them, you need to contact your customers. Ask them how they found the product and specific results they’ve achieved after using it. Entice them to share their results by giving them a quality product in exchange for their testimonials.

Written or audio testimonials are fine. But video testimonials are the most effective. The downside is that it’s more difficult to get video testimonials from customers; in which case, you need to provide a more irresistible bribe in exchange for their efforts.

Place these testimonials strategically in their appropriate spots on your site. A testimonial praising your fast delivery time could be posted near the Order Form.

A testimonial explaining how a certain problem was solved, could be inserted near the portion of the copy where the problem is being discussed.

9) Play it down.

For example, you’re claiming that your product can help them earn 5 figures a month. You could say, “But even if you earn just half of $10,000, you’re still living life on your own terms.”

10) Use the law of comparison.

Tell your prospects that your product contains everything taught in a particular seminar – and more – at a tiny fraction of the price.

You could also give them a choice: They could decide to go through all the pains and troubles you’ve suffered, or they could simply take the shortcut by buying what you’re selling.

Even if you drive gazillions of visitors to your site, it wouldn’t matter unless your site converts these visitors into buyers or leads. With these 10 conversion boosters, I’m confident you will explode your profits with the same amount of traffic.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBlast.com

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