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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Not all Democrats playing by the rules

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What happened to doing things the right way?

What happened to being fair, honest and non-partial when it comes to the electorate process?

I pose these questions because Saturday is a very important day for Marion County Democrats. Saturday is the day 608 precinct committee men and women will cast their vote for the candidates of a Special Election to be held March 11. Saturday is the beginning of the process towards electing a new person to fill the 7th Congressional District seat.

Indeed Saturday is a very important day, but there are some things that have been leaked to various media outlets that suggest things within the Marion County and Indiana State Democratic Party aren’t going as smoothly, or honestly as they should be.

While I won’t detail the information obtained from various sources, I will say that the sources are very credible as they’re among the 608 individuals voting Saturday. In addition, I’ll say that I’ve learned of some inconsistencies that support what theses sources are saying.

What’s unfortunate about this is that the Marion County and State Democratic Party are supposed to be non-partial when it comes to all of the Democratic candidates. Sadly, this is not what’s happening, as there have been efforts to overtly support specific candidates. In doing so, the party is allegedly doing certain things to help or benefit a particular candidate. These efforts are not only unfair, but they’re also illegal.

It’s important to note that by writing this editorial I’m not mentioning the candidates who are being “helped,” nor am I mentioning those candidates who the party is attempting to eliminate. As a matter of fact, you haven’t read the name of a single candidate in this editorial thus far, nor will you during the rest of it.

The point I’m trying to make is that there are things going on that are wrong. It’s that simple. This is not a ploy to garner support of a particular person, but it is an attempt to encourage the 608 precinct committee men and women to vote fairly and honestly. It’s an attempt for the 608 individuals with such an awesome responsibility to put party politics aside and vote for who they thing is the best overall candidate — the person who is most likely to win an election against the toughest Republican opponent in the general election.

People must remember that the race is not over once a person is elected during the special election. Democrats still have to compete with one another in the May primary and then with a Republican in November’s general election. The special election is just the beginning of a very long and laborious road.

It’s important for the 608 precinct committee men and women to remember the benefit the next congresswoman or congressman will have on the community as a whole and not just themselves.

I’m the type of person who tends to think beyond myself and more of others. While during my lifetime I’ve been offered things that would personally benefit me, it wouldn’t benefit the people I care about or the community so I’ve often turned down lots of very tempting offers that promised self-fulfillment. I turned these offers down because some things are bigger than us as individuals. Some things are about the entire community. I think if we elected people in office based on their experience, knowledge and ability to represent the issues of ALL people, as opposed to the personal gains we as individuals can benefit from, we’d have a lot more sincere people in office and a lot less strife, discontentment and unjust treatment in this city, state, nation and world.

I welcome the good ol’ days of politics, where candidates campaigned hard and people who did have decision-making abilities decided things based off of the required skills and not selfishness or loyalty.

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