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Capri — warm pasta for cold days

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I might not be Italian, but marinara sauce runs in my veins. Since my first bite of spaghetti as a young child, I have been in love with Italian food in all its forms. That’s why I was one of the few daredevils who took to the roads over the weekend. I bravely faced the ice-coated barren wasteland known as Indianapolis in January to visit Capri. Throughout the journey, I hoped that Capri could deliver an Italian experience to warm me up.

Capri excels in an area that restaurants too often overlook: atmosphere. The interior had wood floors, Italian posters, Italian memorabilia and an impressive collection of wine located in the building’s center. Even the music was a delightful assortment of soft Italian instrumental tunes (with one random Ed Sheeran song thrown in for good measure). I felt like I was in a glamorous mob movie, minus the violence.

Capri’s service was also very good. My waiter was attentive and well acquainted with the menu. It might have been that I visited during a slow time, but I never went more than a few minutes without a drink. Every time I finished my Coke, the waiter was around the corner with another. 

The atmosphere and service set a high expectation that the food managed to meet. Like many Italian restaurants, Capri begins your meal with complementary rolls. While the nonexistent price would normally be enough to sway me, the rolls would have been worthwhile even if they weren’t free. They were warm, fresh and did not need any butter to be delicious. 

My main course was the tortelloni alla papalina. Think of it as tortellini on steroids. The shells were much larger than your standard tortellini and came with mushrooms, Canadian bacon and alfredo sauce. It was also incredibly filling. I went from not eating all day to bursting at the seams by the time I finished the tortelloni alla papalina. It might have been my first time eating this particular dish, but I enjoyed every bite. 

For those who prefer the classics, Capri has you covered as well. My brothers, who joined me for my meal, ordered spaghetti and meatballs. The portion size was generous, and both of my hungry college-aged brothers needed to take a box home. I also assume the spaghetti and meatballs tasted good, considering how happily they gobbled up every noodle.  

Capri was most certainly worth my adventure across the icy roads. I will definitely have to visit again when the trip is less treacherous. It would be nice to eat Capri outside without worrying about turning into a Popsicle. 


Contact staff writer Ben Lashar at 317-762-7848. Follow him on Twitter @BenjaminLashar.

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