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June 22 Reel-ality TV Talk

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Tit for Tat Reality TV

It was the last episode of the season for Blood, Sweat and Heels and it was good! Demetria had her nice wedding, with zero bridesmaids. Hmmm. Chantelle had her event, though the ladies couldn’t really engage because of their own “stuff.” Daisy looked pretty, as always, and ready to have some fun until her cancer side effects kicked in. You can’t help but melt when you see her trying to hang in there, but, despite he best efforts, she can’t.

Her good friend Mica takes care of her, and the two avoid the biggest brawl of the season. Melissa and Arzo arrive with a bit of a ’tude towards Geneva, who promptly ignores them and tries to enjoy the event. Melissa is not having it and wants Geneva to know she’s wrong for talking about their mutual friend Demetria behind her back. Now, come on, Geneva was hurt and had every right to express herself, but she chose the wrong person to do this around. Arzo happily shared this news with Melissa and Demetria in a previous episode Melissa was not happy to hear that Geneva and Demetria have patched things up and she’s now invited to the wedding. Melissa, is annoyed and seems to want to force Geneva into admitting she was wrong. The three ladies go back and forth yelling and within minutes glass is thrown and chests are cut with glass and Geneva gets arrested.

The wedding the next day was attended by the newest cast member, Arzo. Demetria and her now husband were a part of creating this situation by disinviting Geneva to the wedding, ended up with just one guest from the cast. Geneva, looked defeated and acknowledged her embarrassment. She needs some anger management, for sure.

The other ladies, Mica and Chantelle, waited at Daisy’s apartment to celebrate her last treatment and join her in a glass of champagne, something she’s been longing for since her cancer battle begin. They saw a picture of Arzo at Demetria’s wedding and felt jilted. I hope there’s a reunion!

The Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY) was a roller coaster version of “tit for tat.” My girl Bethenny is still wound tight and needs some help chilling out. Throw in wild child Ramona and there’s a ton of drama. Looks like the ladies are headed to a sexy island and things will be crazier than ever next week: Sonya is getting yelled at, Bethenny losing it again, Ramona pissing everybody off all mixed in with a little bit of fun!

The “tit for tat” queens, Married With Medicine, my medical reality TV girls, are angry! That seems to be a popular emotion last week in reality TV. Simone and Toya cannot get it together. Looks like Toya hit a big emotional button last season and Simone cannot heal. The husbands intervened and tried really hard to fix the broken relationship between their wives. Simone is really angry and refuses to calm down and deal with the pain – she screams, yells and runs away. Next week, looks like we’ll get the details on what’s really going on with her.

Quad is the queen of “tit for tat.” She’s pissed off at Lisa for running a background check and plans to get her back on TV. Lisa’s husband is also pissed about Lisa running the background check since it leads to the spotlight being on them out of vengeance.

The Braxton ladies are not immune from the “tit for tat” game. Trina wants to show the world and her ex-husband that she can move on. But the only problem is she’s famous for making the worst decisions when it comes to her personal life.

On another note, Tamar, is feeling the shake off of her sisters. They are tired of her not listening and they stopped talking. Toni, who seems to get along with everyone is officially back, between her book, album with Baby Face and Grammy win, she is the Toni we know and Love!

The godmother of “tit for tat” on the Real Housewives of Orange County is Tamara. The other housewives are interesting, but Tamara knocks it out of the park.

Shannon seems so desperate to make her marriage work. I just hope she finds a purpose for herself on this season other than trying to persuade her husband to love her.

Newsflash: Did you hear about the shuffle on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill (RHOBH)? Brandi Glanville is out, which is shocking. I think they needed a fresh direction and Brandi sort of stalled the show with her antics for too many seasons. I will miss her, but I get it. We already know that Kim Richards is out and her sister Kathy Hilton is in.

Real Housewives of Atlanta news: I think Cynthia Bailey’s husband may be cheating! It’s been all over the news, a video of Peter kissing another woman and as always Cynthia is defending. I hope this was a true misunderstanding and that Peter does not screw up again. Whew!


Marquesa LaDawn is a professional businesswoman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV. Follow me on twitter @realityshowgirl and subscribe to her podcast at www.RealitytvGirl.com.

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