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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Saving the community is our job

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The recent tragic murders and senseless killings of two women and children on Indianapolis’ Hovey St. makes me reflect on the current status of our African American community. Tragedy strikes in every community throughout the country, even in an Amish community in Pennsylvania, where scores of school children were senselessly murdered and the murders of Jose and Kitty Menedez by their children Lyle and Erik in the rich and influential community of Beverly Hills.

Crime and tragedy strikes all of our communities, but the one on Hovey St. struck a different emotional cord. When the news broke that late Monday night with the location and who was killed, many of us immediately began to speculate as to who was responsible and how could this have occurred. It was a for-gone conclusion that an African American man or men had committed this horrendous crime. It is very unlikely that “outsiders” would come within the African American community and commit acts of violence such as these.

Sadly, those who live within our community cause most of the acts of extreme violence, robberies, drug dealings, and assault and batteries that occur in the community.

I rewind to one of the most popular movies ever made, “Titanic.” As I have watched this movie several times, there is one particular part in the movie that continues to stick out in my mind. As the tragic news becomes clear that the ship is irreparably damaged and that guests must immediately exit the doomed ship, life jackets and lifeboats were provided for the women and children first. It was clear during this scene, that the goal was to protect, secure, and save the women and children.

Throughout history, whether it is on the African, European, or Asian continents, the primary role of the men in the community was the protection of their women and children. All intelligent communities in the past, present, and future are aware of the fact that the protection of the women and children means the “preservation” of that community.

When there is no special priority placed on the lives, the value, and the protection of women and children of a particular community, that community is doomed.

What could possess these African American males to violently take the lives of two young African American women and two African American children?

We have created a culture within a culture. A subculture of sorts…that blatantly, vehemently, and consistently disrespects life, disrespects women, and disrespects the institutions of marriage and family. Watch the large majority of African-American-oriented television programs, listen to the most popular African-American music, watch the music videos on the Indy Music Channel, BET, or MTV, listen to the conversations of our young people as they gather at the local mall or movie theatre, and watch the behavior of the school age children as they now use the public school as a social gathering place rather than an institution of learning and education.

The only problem with the current behaviors of our young people is that these young people are now becoming old people. And this behavior that is often on display by these young people within this subculture remains the same, even though they have grown in age. Sadly, as these young people become adults, and have children, these same destructive behaviors, disrespectful attitudes, and negative life patterns are passed on to their children. And the cycle continues.

It is not the job of the new mayor, the current prosecutor, the sheriff, or of IMPD to come into our community and protect our women and children. That responsibility lays squarely on the shoulders of those within the community, primarily the men of that community. But when the men of the community begin to murder the women and children in the community, the future of that community is in peril and it will not survive.

With so many single mothers in our community, left alone with the sole responsibility of rearing our male and female children, their survival and protection is a must. We must fight against these self-destructive behaviors and bring this vicious cycle to an end. The fight is not against the government, the fight is not against the terrorists, and the fight is not against the “white man,” the fight is against us, those within our own community.

As the four young victims have now been laid to rest, do not allow their memories to fade from our consciousness like so many of the other past senseless murders in our community.

Now is the time for the real men in our community to stand up and to implement the principals set forth at the Million Man March, the tenants set forth in The Covenant with Black America. It is time to restore the much needed honor to our women and children, and take back our neighborhoods from these modern day “Benedict Arnolds,” whom have betrayed our community, whom have betrayed our families, whom have betrayed our women, whom have betrayed our children, and whom have betrayed our entire culture and set us on a path of no return.

Contact me at: educationdoesmatter@hotmail.com or call (317) 502-0272.

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