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5 Tips For Panic Attacks That Will Put You In The Driving Seat

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5 Tips For Panic Attacks That Will Put You In The Driving Seat

Panic attacks can be debilitating which can be an understatement, and if you have suffered from them then the expectation of a panic attack...

Panic attacks can be debilitating which can be an understatement, and if you have suffered from them then the expectation of a panic attack can greatly heighten the sense of fear.

These five tips for panic attacks can lessen the chance of the attack taking place or quickly stop it in its tracks if you are currently having an attack.

Every person that endures panic attacks can be prone to them anywhere and at anytime. Panic attacks vary in severity and can render you helpless, exhausted and feel that you don’t have control. A lot of sufferers believe that there is no remedy for their predicament but assistance is available. The next five tips for panic attacks will assist you to prevent or lessen the effects of future attacks:

Tips For Panic Attacks One Know What Panic Attacks Are

Panic attacks are fear. Quite often it is irrational fear and panic is ignited by an event like being on the top of a tall building or giving a presentation to a crowd and this is far more likely if such a situation has initiated an attack before. Understandably, a large number of anxiety sufferers will do their best to dodge situations that they are aware can initiate attacks but sometimes this is impossible. By doing this they are in reality strengthening the fear. Fears can be overcome and this is essential in understanding why attacks occur.

Tips For Panic Attacks Two Have Knowledge Of Your Panic Attacks

If you are experiencing attacks, it is important to learn all you can about your attacks. Having an understanding of your attacks means that you will be aware of what your body is enduring and this can help reduce the intensity and the frequency that they occur. Know as well that a panic attack will not stop your heart beating nor will it stop you from breathing and it will not cause you to go totally crazy and lose control of your mind.

Tips For Panic Attacks Three Use Your Body

If you feel a panic attack starting or if you are in the middle of one, you can reduce the intensity by employing a straight forward relaxation process. Relax your shoulders and concentrate on your larger muscle groups. Where you feel tension in any muscle you need to tense and relax them slowly. Do this in sync with slower breathing.

Tips For Panic Attacks Four Replacing One Thought With Another

A little more tricky to master but will be easier after a small amount of practice. Monitor the thoughts that are in your head just before and when panic starts. These thoughts are what ignite the attack and you can exchange them for more calming and peaceful thoughts. You could concentrate on positive things like panic attacks are treatable and that you certainly will not die from them. One method that is very effective is to have a gratitude thought. Which people and what are you thankful for? When you concentrate on this for a period of time it can actually stop the attack.

Tips For Panic Attacks Five Create A Distraction

This is a follow on from tip four above and some people find this a little easier. If you are feeling an attack starting then have a conversation with someone about a relaxing subject like the weather, or a passion that you have. Throwing yourself into a hobby or pastime that absorbs you will significantly reduce the possibility of any attacks. Playing your favorite music may help or why not sing a song?. Try anything that will distract your thoughts away from the fear you are feeling.

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