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‘The Lion King’

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After receiving rave reviews during last year’s mesmerizing performance, Broadway’s award winning best musical, Disney’s “The Lion King” is back to grace the stage of The Murat Theatre.

With this magical performance, it’s no wonder why seats are filling fast and why children and adults alike are leaving the theater enchanted by what many are considering majestic.

It’s captivating, suspenseful, fun and it’s an experience that is truly unforgettable. With a cast that ranges from premier talent in South Africa to Indianapolis, this colorful production elicits joy, excitement, sadness, and hope while bringing out the kid in us all.

Recently, I had an opportunity to view “The Lion King”. With two acts inclusive of 20 scenes, this production lasted nearly 2 1/2 hours.

It told the most notable story of a young tiger Simba and his remarkable journey to seek deep within himself to return to his rightful place as king.

“The Lion King” production’s grand opening was full of color and zest was breathtaking. The opening scene Pride Rock began with the song “Circle of Life” symbolic of the story line presented throughout the performance.

Rafiki, the monkey, full of fun and life, jumped on the stage and burst into song while the backdrop resembling Africa took form with rising rocks, grasslands, antelopes, birds and other animals of the mother land.

Audience members looked to the left and right of the aisles to be greeted by elephants walking towards the stage alongside zebras and lions. This artistic display received a pleasant reaction as the crowd roared enthusiastically.

This demonstration was just a mere taste of what spectators received the rest of the evening from acting, dancing and explicit choreography by Garth Fagan.

The costumes and the set were splendid. Every aspect of the show embedded in intricate detail was exceptionally realistic, leaving not only myself, but others with constant thoughts of amazement.

It was easy to get absorbed in the idea of talking wildlife and to simply forget the show was a mere production, nothing more than fantasy.

From beginning to end viewers were hooked. The 15-minute intermission seemed more like 30 minutes as many people remained seated anticipating the remainder of the show.

Every main character had the audience on their feet from the sarcasm of the bird Zuzu, to the strength, heart and character of Mufasa, to Scar’s cynical ways to Timon, a meerkat, and Pumbaa, a warthog with humorous yet random endeavors.

Ironically, this daring, adventurous duo had the audience singing along with them during their jingle “Akunamatada”.

In fact, for many the show seemed so enjoyable every time a character opened their mouth or a scene changed, that the lady behind me would jolt with a very unique laughter. Needless to say she was among many enjoyed the show from start to finish.

“The Lion King” production’s closing scene Pride Rock ended as it started – magnificently, and the crowd demonstrated its appreciation for an exceedingly great performance with a standing ovation of enthusiastic applause.

“The Lion King” will run at the Murat Theatre through Dec. 26.

For ticket information, call Ticketmaster at (317) 239-1000 or visit the Web site at www.Ticketmaster.com.

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