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Take that Next Step and Try an Open House

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Hosting an open house isn’t just for a new business. There are so many reasons and opportunities that you have to invite people over. You can do it for an anniversary or even to just get some feedback and say thank you to all of your customers that have been with you. You can invite them in and show them what you have to offer and get some feedback and just show them that you are dedicated to them and want to work for them.

There are many ways to host an open house, but there are some standard rules for hosting one. 1. Invite everyone. The best thing to do is order some promotional invitation and invite your regular customers, employees and other people in your community. With this type of mix, you will be able to transmit information about your business from the customers and employees who are familiar with it to those in the community who are coming in for the first time. This allows you a nice social environment and will still help promote your business.

2. Decorate! You can use some of your promotional items to serve as both decoration and also promote yourself a little bit more. Also get some balloons and make sure your logo is out there. Make it look great and your customers will feel great.

3. Don’t use hard sell techniques. This is not the time to hard sell your business. Just give a short 5-10 minute talk, thanking everyone for coming. Talk about your successes, new products, etc, but do it in a light, fun tone so people feel more social and relaxed. This is a light way to promote your business and be casual about it. Also, don’t over dress, this may intimidate some people, casual professional is good.

4. Offer a raffle and hand out promotional items. It is always a good idea to hold a raffle because this will allow people to give you their personal information freely for contacting them later. Using promotional giveaway items just helps send the message home with them and serves as a reminder of the evening and of your business message.

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