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Winston Jerome VS Your Tyler Perry

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I don’t know about you readers but my family and I often discuss movies and plays Mr. Tyler Perry creates. When I first watched Madea’s Family Reunion play, which debuted back in 2002, I was impressed. The message from the play was clear that family stands together in crisis, and for that I appreciated Mr. Perry’s efforts. Ever since his first play, he never lost sight of the values and final message that even though there is family issues, as a whole family can fix them.

 It wasn’t until Madea Goes to Jail that I read about his method being on the wrong side of the religious fence according to critics. But that’s what they are right? People that give constructive criticism when no one ever asked. Mr. Perry became so popular people were going so far as to say that he glamorizes cross-dressing with the Christian doctrine as a belief system. Hmm.

Is this truly possible? Could Mr. Perry be a closet homosexual that uplifts his viewers with a positive message? After all, he was homeless before he fell into Oprah Winfrey’s lap. And he just so happen to have a brilliant mind that would land his ass from the concrete to luxury living. But wait. Isn’t this the outline story to the American Dream? This is similar to the baritone radio voice guy from Ohio, who just so happen to speak to the right person at the right time for his life to change yet again for the rest of his life. Sounds like a great success story to me.

However, the highly favorable show that started as a comic strip called “The Boondocks” has no problem sharing controversy and/or truth within their lines of comedic (relief) entertainment. In season II, cartoon rapper Gangstalicious was portrayed as a closet homosexual in the hip hop music industry, right around the time common people began to voice their ill-informed views about the Illuminati. Coincidence?

Season III of “Boondocks” was a little more hilarious. Disc one was about the Obama election, highlighting the misconception that many Americans had about him; he’s black so marijuana will be legalized across the 50 states of America, tax cuts, and the overall idea of voting simply because he is black. Still these are truths but I nonchalantly, shake my head.

By the second disc, character Grandad auditions for the leading male role in the infamous Winston Jerome play, Ma Dukes Finds a Man. Without spoiling the entire episode, Mr. Jerome began writing plays for the public under false pretenses and using Christianity as the gateway to sleep with men. Funny right?

The most recent new show from Tyler Perry has been receiving a lot of talks since its premiere back in May. The Haves and Have Nots, has taken TV drama to a new level. This isn’t the usual daytime television airing “the stories” either. Airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network at 9pm, this is a story about the rich getting richer, and the poor people getting even in deceitful ways. Critics however are displeased to say the least. Some believe its story line was intentionally poorly written. Others think that Winfrey has completely lost her mind by adding the show since it has nothing to do with positivity or uplifting people, which is the purpose of the network in the first place.     

Still there are fans that support Mr. Perry for all that he does.  According to www.hollywoodreporter.com The Haves and the Have Nots averages about 1.7 million viewers with a 1.5 rating among women between ages 25-54 during its Tuesday 9 p.m. airing period. This is all after the July 30th episode entitled, “Not My Daughter.” That is something to be proud of. On Tyler Perry’s facebook on August 29, he wrote:

I didn’t want The Haves and the Have Nots to end its first season without saying this to you. Thank you for watching The Haves And The Have Nots. You have quieted the naysayers and chased the haters away just by watching. I am so glad you’re loving this show. It was my first drama so I truly learned a great deal. To know that over 2 million of you are tuning in every week moves me to praise. I thank God for you. That’s all I can say right now. This upcoming Tuesday is the “mind blowing” season finale. Talk to you then.

If you’re reading this, I hope to the Most High my point has been grasped, that no matter how one receives a message, t(HE)y should rejoice at the sound. Regardless of anyone’s lifestyle we should remember to love and uplift one another in any situation. What Tyler Perry creates doesn’t just happen in black families nor do some of the solutions portrayed, happen. But what Tyler Perry is doing, is spreading love, values, morals, peace and thought provoking drama. In a world where we scrutinize, judge and offer unwanted opinions to one another, the man is very courageous and some of you could borrow some of his humility. Cut him some slack. Tyler Perry is adding a very personalized flavor to what TV now offers.  I enjoy Boondocks very much, and I look forward to watching their new season, much like most of you are patiently waiting for a new play. For now, let’s just remember its entertainment for the most part.

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“I am a writer and I plan to allow my pen to plant seeds and flourish upon the eyes of my audience. Love is real and I hope to share a portion of my peace with you.”

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