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When Should Christian Teens Start Dating

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This is a sticky question and there are many different answers. I will lay out the options for you and let you pray and decide which is best for your children.

Option 1

Christian Teens Should Not Date

Many teens are just not mature enough to handle dating. Until they are old enough to get married, they are not old enough to date. However, that does not mean that you should not discuss dating with your teen. Read what the Bible says about the relationship between a husband and a wife and discuss the way the relationship with your spouse developed. Explain why it is best for your teen to focus on building their relationship with God and concentrating on their schoolwork, rather than getting into the very messy dating scene where they could be hurt or fall to temptation.

Option 2

Christian Teens Can Date In High School, But Only Group Dates

Christian teens should experience dating, but only in groups with other Christian teens. If you surround your teen with peers with the same core beliefs, they will be able to supervise each other and serve as positive peer pressure to do the right thing and maintain purity until marriage. Instead of one on one dating, it’s best for teens to have peer groups that pray and play together. If a strong friendship develops between two teens in the group, then it can progress into dating when the teens are mature enough.

Option 3

Christian Teens Can Date In High School With Supervision

Teens should be given a certain amount of trust. If you feel that your teen is strong in their Christian faith and committed to being pure until marriage, then you can make the call to allow one on one outings with a boyfriend or girlfriend. These should always be social outings. If the teen couple is in a private setting like a house, they should be around adult supervision to prevent undesirable physical contact.

Purity or Promise Rings

Many youth groups talk about the importance of purity until marriage and teens take a pledge together to avoid the temptation of sexual activity. They then wear a purity or promise ring as a symbol of their vow to save intimacy for their future spouse. However, don’t think the ring is enough to keep that vow! Teens are full of raging hormones and sometimes the hormones win over the vow. This is why parental supervision is so important if you allow your teen to date.

It is up to you to decide which option is best for your teen. Some teens are responsible and mature and able to handle dating as a good Christian, while others are not. As a parent, you must make that decision for them to keep them safe and pure for marriage.

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