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How listening to music increases productivity of employees?

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Listening to music while working is the most effective and easy way to improve concentration; concentration wavers when we have two different thoughts at the same time and lapses in concentration effect work performance and hamper the growth of an individual.

Music has a therapeutic effect on the well-being of the individual. Music is not only the form of entertainment but also a panacea for all the problems that generally employees face. Organizations have incorporated various innovative and creative methods for increasing the productivity of their employees but no method is as effective as music according to surveys.

Employees want to enjoy and work at the same time and would like to indulge in those activities that help them relax and be productive for their employers; listening to music help focus on tasks at hand and there are also those employees who listen to music not to concentrate on their job.

Moreover, films have been using musical numbers over the years for creating the right mood for the scene; generally, we hardly hear the music at all but we become receptive of the mood being conveyed, different people have different tastes and thus they hear different music for relaxing and enjoying. No doubt, music can change your mood and alter it in the right direction and make you serene and tranquil at the same time thereby improving your productivity like never before.

Music is like a medicine and for some it’s a lifeline. Organizations understand the need of the employees and try to cater to them accordingly. Some organizations give liberty to their employees to work while listening to music. Music helps in memory retention and work wonders in increasing their productivity, not all types of music enhance concentration and retention power.

These are the certain types of music that help in increasing retention and concentration power of the employees:

• Instrumental

• Rock Music

• Jazz

• Beatless

Music We Indians are musically inclined whether its marriage, reception or death, we play music on all occasions; moreover, we see no movie laced without songs. Music is the pre-requisite for every function in our rich and vibrant culture similarly employees spend half the time in an organization and want music to prove as a catalyst in increasing their concentration levels and productivity.

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