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And so we Record

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A special poem presented to the Indianapolis Recorder: 

And so we Record….

One hundred and twenty years’ worth of records unbroken and safely kept in between the spaces on our pages,

This isn’t just news

It ain’t just paper,

This is historical advancement

People of color gathering together to collectively enhance the empty air between stars, banners, spangles and


We have voices

…Cries that turn murmurs without a soapbox to stand

…Exclamations that mirror periods without these writing hands to communicate our excitement,

…Our days that bleed into nights of children missing, lost, killed, fathers in need of appeals, mother searching for help, communities, depending on themselves,

We have voices … that need to not just be heard,

But to be read

Stories that beckon to be told to eyes blinking as pages turn

Teachings and scribes,

Pains that cripple us

And drives that push us,

It is a necessity that we be immortal in the publishing world

And so we Record…..


One hundred and twenty times three hundred and sixty-five,

We are consciously alive here,

Operating weekly, African dancing on the cutting room floor,

Purposeful in discussions,

Recording in hallways that lead to editors’ offices,

Interviewing from West 38th Street to the Obelisk in Washington, D.C.

This is not a lightweight print of Free Press,

Or something to protect your hair from the rain,

You won’t find us underneath the litterbox,

This is Indianapolis and beyond

120 years,

Thousands of stories stretching like arms yawning to the heavens for a listener


We Record,

Because if we did not, how in God’s name would the people know we are even here

We record,


In sections and classifieds,

Front pages and back sides,

We Record

We are Recorders

This IS

The Indianapolis Recorder, taking journalism from the 1800s through the millennium and outside the orbits of Eternity,


Is Black immortalization

This is freedom of type

Free to write,

To empower, to recite

To inspire, and recount

To Remember



And ultimately

To Record

To be


Indianapolis Recorders.

Black Lives Matter in physics, emotions, in theory and in print.

The revolution might not be televised,

But 120 years later,

It’s a safe bet that it might be paper sent.

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