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Green Tea Health Benefits – The Key to Longer Life

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The health benefits of green tea are so many that it is said that a cup of green tea is the key to longer life.

Green tea, indigenous to China, has become an integral part of the country’s culture and tradition. Rich in antioxidants green tea herbs protect our body from major damages and harm if consumed regularly. Because of the health benefits available from green tea Chinese people have used it as a medicine since the ancient days.

Mainly produced from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis there are varieties of green tea herbs growing in different parts of Asia. Due to the remarkable health benefits of green tea it has been the subject of several researches and medical experiments during past few decades. Studies have established the effectiveness of green tea in lowering the chance of heart disease, obesity and cancer. Here is a brief discussion about green tea health benefits.

1.A chemical called L-Theanine found in green tea instantly relieves stress by stimulating our nervous system.

2.Despite high smoking rate green tea consumption reduces the possibility of heart disease. Steady flow of polyphenol and other antioxidants decrease the level of cholesterol in blood thus lowering the chance of heart blockage. The organic compounds in green tea herbs help improving cardiovascular system.

3.Green tea taken on a regular basis helps in controlling disorders like obesity. Daily ingestion of catechins in green tea reduces body fat.

4.Antioxidants in green tea help preventing arthritis and can cure severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.

5.The extract of green tea herbs protects your skin from the damages from radiation when applied externally.

6.Daily consumption of green tea can improve cognitive function of impaired human brain. It is an effective medicine for dementia.

7.Green tea cures gastric ulcer.

8.Green tea is good for your teeth as well. Drinking hot green tea in the morning kills germs and bacteria that cause cavity and plaque in the teeth.

9.It is applied in prevention and treatment of certain types of cancer including esophageal cancer.

10.Green tea is also used in treating different types of sclerosis.

People often mix up green tea with herbal tea. Produced from special green tea herbs green tea can be considered as a kind of herbal tea but not all herbal tea is green tea. Moreover, some herbal teas are not even produced from tea leaves at all. These are mixture of herbs, flower extracts, roots of herbal plants and spices. So, while buying green tea you need to be a little more careful.

Among all other types of teas green tea is the least processed one with all the medicinal qualities intact in it. As you can see, it is a natural remedy for weight loss as well as various other disease and disorders. A single cup of green tea contains 40mg of caffeine. The level is much lower than normal coffee containing 85mg of caffeine. The combination of nutritious diet, two to three cups of green tea everyday and regular exercise will keep you fit and healthy for long.

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About The Author:

Daniel Johnson is a medical practitioner who writes on topics related to herbal tea. For more information on organic tea he recommends you to visit:http://www.hankooktea.com

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