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Best Ways to Keep You Out of Debt

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It’s very easy to get into debt, but extremely hard to get rid of it.

Once you fall in debt and you don’t manage it properly, it will start snowballing until it reaches to a level, where it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of it. Many of us will only start thinking of debt relief and the important of debt free after we got ourselves in debt. The problem is, once you got in debt, it is very difficult to get rid of it. Don’t wait until this situation happens. Prevention is better than cure; therefore, you should always keep yourself out of debt with a proper money management. A good financial planning leads to a debt-free life forever. So, here are some points to be considered in financial planning, which will help you to avoid debt.

1. Fix Your Budget

Without a budget plan, you can’t effectively control how you money flows. A perfect budget plan is an important tool that helps you to spend rest of life free from any financial problem. Therefore, you should work out a budget plan based on your earnings and financial goals by considering your primary needs. When doing a financial planning to generate a budget plan, you should be carefully to make sure your expenditure doesn’t exceed your income.

2. Restrict Credit Cards Use

Credit card is the key debt generator for many people. Therefore, you should be careful when using it. Irresponsible uses of credit cards will lead you towards unwanted debt. Unless it is really necessary to use credit card, you should use cash to make purchases so that you know where your money goes and ensure you spend within your budget. Nowadays, you will see banks offer very low or zero APR credit cards to entice customers towards them. Be aware that these offers are normally short-lived and expire after a period of 6 months. After the promotion period, the interest rates will go back to the standard rates or sometimes even higher. Therefore, it might be a debt trap for you. Try to avoid signing up extra credit cards even though you are attracted with the offers.

3. Allocate Fund for Emergency Financial Needs

We don’t stay healthy all the times. Sometimes we fall sick and we need to spend money to visit doctor or specialist to get our illness cure. Fever, cough or flu will need small amount of money and most people afford to pay for the treatments. But, major illness like heart or kidney problem needs considerable amount for treatment. If you don’t have savings to handle it when this situation happens, you may need to get high interest-rate loan or heavily swipe your credit cards to pay for the treatment costs. This type of unaccounted and severe circumstance may easily get you in debt if you have not allocated fund for it. Therefore, you should keep aside a small part of your income into savings as the emergency fund for yourself and your family.

4. Overcome From Debts

If you are already in debt, you should repay it as soon as possible and restrict your expenditures to the primary necessities. The debt payments should be taken into consideration when you do your financial planning and set a monthly budget for debt repayment. If there is a need, get the professional helps to resolve your debt issues before it goes worse.


If you follow and implement the above points to manage your money properly, you will be financially wealthy and keep yourself out of debt in coming days.

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