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Biryani House offers great introduction to Indian food

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Here’s a little background on me: I was born in Ohio, lived most of my life in Michigan and now I reside in Indiana. Suffice it to say my idea of a good ethnic meal is lunch at Panda Express. When time came to try out the Indian restaurant Biryani House, I ventured forward with my iron stomach ready to conquer the world of Indian food. What I found was not a challenge to conquer but a pleasant meal.

If I could call Biryani House one thing, it would be “genuine.” Biryani House’s owner and Chef Suhel, as he’s known, might have studied culinary arts in America, but he was born in India. Suhel avoids Americanized versions of Indian food in favor of the real deal. That means less butter and plenty of spices. Suhel even buys spices from local Indian supermarkets and mixes them himself. 

Of course, all the genuine intention in the world means nothing if the food isn’t good. I’ve heard rumors of Indian food melting mouths, but Suhel called the food I had “medium heat.” After sampling a few dishes, I agreed with Suhel’s assessment. The spiciness was there but not cumbersome by any means. Granted, I possess my aforementioned iron stomach, but even those with tin stomachs will find plenty of gut-friendly options. 

 The first dish I had was the chicken Biryani, a rice dish that is a staple of Indian festivals. The meat was not the best, feeling dry. However, the rice was amazing. It was smooth and flavorful. I honestly would have been fine just eating the rice. 

Another interesting dish was the chicken 65. The number doesn’t refer to the amount of spices in the chicken, how long it cooks or when the dish was created. It’s called Chicken 65 because the chicken was 65 days old when it was killed to become the dish. I’m not sure if PETA would approve, but I sure do. The chicken 65 was hot, delicious and truly unique.

Biryani House also offers some sweet options such as the butter chicken to serve as a palate cleanser for the spices. The chicken had a great texture, and the sauce was so good I was dipping my bread in it to get every last drop. For dessert, I recommend the gulab jamun, small sweet orbs that burst in your mouth. 

If you are planning a night out and don’t want to visit yet another burger joint or pizza place, the Biryani House is a good change of pace. It’s a good way to dip your toe into the world of Indian food. 


Contact staff writer Ben Lashar at 317-762-7848. Follow him on Twitter @BenjaminLashar.

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