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Important Tips for cell phone users.

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Everyone now a days use a cell phone as it has become a neccesity than an accessory. But there are some general and some important health tips for using a cell phone. Just by keeping these simple things in mind you can easily avoid any mishappening wiht your phone or health hazard that might be caused due to excessive use of cell phones.

Expert advise to use your left ear while calling than the right ear because it has immediate bad effects to your brain.

Strictly avoid to use your mobile phone while charging it, as there is a huge risk of getting an electric shock. Although the cell phone manufacturers ensure the safty but since it is connected to a live connection, you cannot ignore the risk invovled.

A Big NO to use cell phone while driving. You not only put yourself at rick but also create a threat to others on the road. Avoid using hands free as well as it distracts you. Best practice is to stop the vehicle and talk.

It has also been proven that keeping phones in your pockets pant pockets reduces your sperm count.

Always get genuine cell phone and cell phone accessories to ensure your safety.

Avoid bending your neck to hold the phone when it is a long call. It can cause serious neck pain and other issued related to it. It is better to use handfree device.

Keep your cell phone locked always and unlock only while using it. If the phone is kept unlocked it could result in unnecessary calls or deletion of information while keeping in pocket or bag.

Ensure to keep the Bluetooth switched off while not in use. Your phone might be attacked by various viruses. Do not accept data or file from any unknown source.

Always remember that ” Prevention is better than cure”.Use your cell phone smartly and enjoy the tremendous benifits of that come with it.

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John Smith, PR Executive

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Website: www.cellswapper.com

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