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Is Facebook Fishing a Reliable Way to Conduct a Background Check?

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Today, there are two worlds that a person may dwell at. One is the real world where everyone and almost any normal being reside. It is the place where you are sitting now at the moment, the place your school and house and office are located, the place called Earth. The other one is somewhat virtually. It is located in a remote place and sometimes considerable inexistent but holds all the information as if the one owns it is really a living thing. This is the place where hundreds, or thousands, or even millions of people stay majority of their time either for the purpose of working, leisure, or plain surfing. This is the place called the World Wide Web.

There had been many innovations in the internet or the WWW since it was first introduced for commercial usage in the late 1980’s. These days, every person who wishes to have a blog site where he or she can post his or her ideas and sentiments is very much possible. One can also save pictures of escapades and other personal adventures through image hosting sites such as Photobucket. Even so, other files like videos and sounds can be stored at select hosting sites like Vimeo, YouTube, and Imeem. However, among the many websites that are becoming famous today for some features they offer, the social networking sites like Multiply, Friendster, Facebook, and some other dozen of the like are most likely to be used by average internet surfers. In a glimpse on the figures, it can be posted that 1 of 3 Americans has a Facebook or Friendster account that he or she maintains.

While these social networking sites do not pose any harm to the users and in fact helps in building up friends and relationship over the net with other people, some other concerned see Facebook and similar internet stuffs as a threat to privacy and tipping point for a hiring discrimination. This is because employers can easily scan through a Facebook account and look for evidence of age, race, religion, and medical condition their applicant has. Employers can also use the pictures posted to these sites to decide it is beneficial to the company to hire certain applicant.

However, not so fast for the employers, the Federal government has laws that mandate the protection of applicants against discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, age, and medical condition. There are several reasons why Facebook or any other social networking sites cannot be used to turn down or to fish negative things against an applicant. Read on.

1. Laws prohibit “too much information” to be disclosed to the employer thus the employer is also restricted to be asking questions that are no longer directly relevant to the job.

2. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) protects employees and applicants by requiring the employer to ask permission from the former before a background check is conducted. Even so, an employer cannot deny an applicant on the basis on unsolicited evidences that has no direct relation to the job required of an applicant.

3. Not all Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, and other networking sites accounts 100 percent true. They may be made up to post negative things against a person and may be brought out by anger making said account unreliable. Since making accounts on these sites are free of charge, it could easily be for one to make up things to pull down another.

Employers then should be more careful using information from similar sites. It would be more advisable that they use legitimate background check provider sites in securing information of their applicants.

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About The Author:

Melissa Sinclair is a 29 yr. old, she has been successfully promoting businesses and other organizations for over five years, from creating Web sites to creating copy for start-ups to writing an articles. She is creative and persuasive with other public relations and marketing materials for both profit and nonprofit agencies, and specializes in fine detail of and fast turnaround to background check.

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