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Negro League championship winners

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Remembering the teams of the Negro Leagues

Negro League championship winners

Throughout history there were several Negro leagues, including the American Negro League and the East-West League. The most popular Negro leagues were the Negro National League and the Negro American League. 

Following is a look at the leagues and the winners of championships.

Negro National League – Championships (1920-1931)

The Negro National League was established Feb. 13, 1920, in a Kansas City, Mo., YMCA. It was the first African-American baseball circuit to achieve stability and last more than one season.

1920 Chicago American Giants

1921 Chicago American Giants

1922 Chicago American Giants

1923 Kansas City Monarchs

1924 Kansas City Monarchs

1925 Kansas City Monarchs

1926 Chicago American Giants

1927 Chicago American Giants

1928 St. Louis Stars

1929 Kansas City Monarchs

1930 St. Louis Stars

1931 St. Louis Stars (season did not finish; Stars had best record among league members and were declared the champions, though non-member Pittsburgh Crawfords disputed title.)

Negro American League – Championships (1937-1960)

This league was established in 1937 and continued to exist until 1960.

1937 Kansas City Monarchs

1938 Memphis Red Sox

1939 Kansas City Monarchs

1940 Kansas City Monarchs

1941 Kansas City Monarchs

1942 Kansas City Monarchs

1943 Birmingham Black Barons

1944 Birmingham Black Barons

1945 Cleveland Buckeyes

1946 Kansas City Monarchs

1947 Cleveland Buckeyes

1948 Birmingham Black Barons

1949 Baltimore Elite Giants

1950 Indianapolis Clowns

1951 Indianapolis Clowns

1952 Indianapolis Clowns

1953 Kansas City Monarchs

1954 Indianapolis Clowns

1955 Birmingham Black Barons (first half); Detroit Stars (second half)

1956 Detroit Stars

1957 Kansas City Monarchs

Negro National League – Championships (1933-1948)

The second Negro National League was established in 1933, two years after the first Negro National League was disbanded.

1933 Cole’s Chicago American Giants (first half), Pittsburgh Crawfords (second half with better overall)

1934 Philadelphia Stars won best half of season however Crawfords with better whole season record disputed title.

1935 Pittsburgh Crawfords

1936 Pittsburgh Crawfords

1937 Homestead Grays

1938 Homestead Grays

1939 Baltimore Elite Giants

1940 Homestead Grays

1941 Homestead Grays

1942 Homestead Grays

1943 Homestead Grays

1944 Homestead Grays

1945 Homestead Grays

1946 Newark Eagles

1947 New York Cubans

1948 Homestead Grays

Negro Southern League- (1920-1946)

Negro leagues in the South were less organized and lucrative than those in the North due to Jim Crow laws. This team was considered a minor league team except in 1932.

1932: Cole’s American Giants.


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