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Bridges: Irsay’s campaign for Saturday will keep the Colts irrelevant

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I can’t tell you the first thing about Jeff Saturday other than he had a solid NFL career and, by virtue of three guys named Manning, Harrison and James, he owns a Super Bowl ring.

I do know we never saw his name in the newspapers for any wrongdoing, and he never embarrassed the franchise during his days as a player. I’ve only had one conversation with him in my life, and it involved his remarkable weight loss after his retirement.

The same thing can be said for my interactions with Colts owner Jim Irsay, as the only time we spoke was recently and that conversation was limited to his incredible collection of artifacts and the tremendous lineup of musicians he treated us all to a few months back at Lucas Oil Stadium. I think it’s fair to say they don’t really know me, and l have no clue what makes these gentlemen click either.

Then again, one doesn’t really need to know or understand the inner workings of these two individuals to recognize that neither of them really know the first thing about being a head coach in the National Football League.

Both know the Colts are in the market for one, but sadly, that’s really where their combined acumen as a coach comes to a rather unfortunate ending.

To Saturday’s credit, he initially stated he was shocked that Irsay offered him the interim coaching position, but now he’s got big plans to resurrect the franchise and establish himself as a legitimate coach.

Meanwhile, Irsay continues to fantasize about how he is smarter than all the general managers in the NFL, including one Chris Ballard, who at this point is probably considering changing both his address and his occupation.

It’s painfully obvious that Irsay isn’t going to simply meddle in personnel matters; he’s now totally in charge of the head coaching decision and will undoubtedly handle the upcoming draft selections as well as any possible free agent acquisitions that are made.

After all, he pays the tab for everything, and while there are enough Colts fans out there to fill the stadium 50 times over who feel differently, he who owns the gold will continue to make the rules of ownership.

I honestly don’t think for a moment that both Saturday and Irsay are the least bit embarrassed by their actions or lack of experience in these matters as, after all, they’re right and all of us are wrong.

They’ve tossed conventional wisdom aside and have stomped the throttle right into what can only be described as the most dysfunctional situation in the history of the National Football League.

Forget about the numerous candidates out there with better resumes, including all those who’ve interviewed these past two weeks, as Saturday continues to be Irsay’s choice. Overlook the fact he was a laughing stock from day one and while you’re at it, allow Irsay to disregard the feelings of the loyal fan base who, unlike myself, pay hard earned money for their ducats, parking and beers every single home game.

After all, who needs a coach that will install their system and work hand in hand with a general manager to improve the team and restore some sense of credibility quickly?

This community has given Irsay everything he’s asked for, and while the salad days of Manning and company still linger in many people’s minds, it’s time to rebuild this franchise. Allowing a meddling owner who obviously has no clue and an incompetent coach to continue this masquerade of leadership won’t enhance anything other than the resounding laughter from the entire NFL anytime the words Indianapolis Colts are even mentioned to them.

Seems pretty obvious to a non-football guy like myself, so why can’t an eccentric owner and a poor excuse for an NFL head coach realize the writing on the wall and give this charade a well needed rest?

Danny Bridges, who was once a lousy general manager and player-coach for an intramural basketball team, can be reached at 317-370-8447 or at bridgeshd@aol.com.

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