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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Taj Mahal: Spicy Indian food

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I can finally say I visited the Taj Mahal… the Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant that is.

Taj Mahal is a new establishment on the north side of town.

I was sort of dreading to order my food, just because I wasn’t familiar with the items on the menu. The items were also pretty expensive. The restaurant’s décor was ordinary, plain, not really coordinating. The food? Well, Taj Mahal is certainly an acquired taste.

I finally settled on my selection after some time. I ordered the chicken curry with rice ($11.72), and my guest ordered lamb curry with rice ($11.95). It may have looked questionable, but it was surprisingly enjoyable. Not overly delicious, just satisfying.

The chicken curry kicked with spice. I ordered a mild sauce, but it certainly tasted spicier than expected. Make sure you get some water, because you’ll need it. The lamb curry was better than the chicken. The lamb wasn’t as heavy on the spice and you could taste the flavor. The chicken spices were overpowering. But both exploded with tang and left your tongue dancing.

Taj Mahal also gives an Indian version of chips and salsa once you are seated. The appetizer came with two unique sauces. The green one was not appealing, it was spicy, yet bitter. The other red one was fruity, but then turned to another weird taste. The chips were bland, but of course filled with various, weird spices. Not a fan of that welcome basket.

The service was attentive. The waitress was ready to top off my water at any moment, and made sure I was satisfied. What I found intriguing was the music. Taj Mahal has jamming Indian tunes. I was bobbing my head while eating. Once I stopped myself and was like, “really?” But I couldn’t help it!

Oh and another tip, the bread is not free. My server asked if I wanted bread like it was no additional cost, and I almost fell for it. Bottom line is Taj Mahal has appetizing Indian food if you ever want to step outside your normal everyday meals. Just leave your hot sauce at home. They have the spices under control.

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