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Top tips for renting a property

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Renting a property in London or anywhere else for that matter is never a fun thing to do. Most people will end up renting a property at some point in their lives whether they are young or are working up to saving for a deposit for a mortgage.

Research well In advance

By searching for a property early enough you give yourself time to find a property where you will be happy with either because of the property itself, the area or the flatmates if you are looking to share. If you are moving city it is best to look to visit the new city to see flats in advance so you don’t have that added stress when moving and have to stay in hostels or a poor flat. If you want to find a London apartment in September then it will difficult with it being student time, if you are a student look to view in August where possible.

Take your time when viewing properties

Plan in advance what you need to check before you see a property. Make sure you look at the state of all the rooms, ask if it has central heating, washing machine, and dishwasher? How is the fridge and freezer? Is the shower good? Is there double glazing if not how are the standard of the windows? Heating bills might be astronomical if you have windows with gaps. These things can be forgotten at the time so make sure you write these questions down in advance and take them with you to each property.

Choosing flatmates

No matter how nice the flat, if you don’t get along with flatmates it will all be spoiled. It can be difficult living with others so when looking for property to rent London ensure that you take time to speak with the flatmates. The smallest of things can make the difference and things can soon become awkward. Cleaning and money are commons reasons for disputes. Ensure you are happy how the flat is cleaned and how bills are split and paid is clear before moving into your London property.

Hope you found this advice on what to do when looking for property to rent London and you find you ideal flat soon and are content with the living arrangements.

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Bill James has been working in the advertising industry for over 15 years. He enjoys writing about motorbikes and pets, especially unusual pets for sale.

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