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The Origin Of 10 Rules For A Happy Marriage Found In Bible Verse

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These are rules that have been rewritten numerous times and offered as advice numerous times. But did you know that the origin of these rules come from Bible verses? They’re listed here below for your convenience.

Don’t bring up past mistakes, Greet each other with a loving greeting, Do things to compliment and build up your spouse, Rejoice in every moment God has given you together, Let love guide your marriage, Don’t go to sleep angry, Always do for your mate over yourself, Give forgiveness to your spouse, Don’t condemn your spouse for their behaviors, Neglect others but not each other.

The locations of the similar verses in the Bible are fairly easy to locate. In Ephesians 4:26 it says Don’t let the sun go down while angry is very near to don’t go to bed angry. Another one in Proverbs 15:4, states that Gentle words bring life and health, that’s easily interpreted as to compliment your spouse. Also Luke 6:37 If you forgive others, you will be forgiven is similar to giving forgiveness to your spouse.

No matter what your level of religious belief it must be noted that many of these rules do have a Biblical basis and if you think about it these are not only good rules for marriage, but for life. It is ever so important that we support others and encourage them with our words and actions. And although a good way to treat all people that you meet, it is extremely important to love and nurture your spouse especially.

These guiding rules are good to abide by for all of us. Without respect most relationships may be doomed, but the people inside marriage will be especially successful in their relationships if they always use these as a guideline.

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