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Jesus – the king of humankind

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The idea behind inception of every religion is to direct the human race to a designated path in life.

The path to be followed entails various rituals which are like torch lights to guide the individuals along the way. Christianity is one of the many paths laid down for mankind which directs man in his quests. Jesus Christ, The founder of Christianity, was born in Bethlehem more than two thousand years back to show man the path to god.

However, the path of religion is never easy. It requires man to abide by truth, kindness and love despite of atrocities; and ultimately beckons him to his destiny; which is communion with the soul of God. The Bible mentions Jesus to be the son of God. In word of Jesus himself, “I have come down from Heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of Him who sent me”.

It was Jesus who taught men to be tolerant, calm and generous towards his fellowmen and also taught about virtues like honesty, love and brotherhood. Jesus sacrificed his life for his fellowmen; he sacrificed it for us. He was crucified in a cross and he suffered all the pains himself so that anyone who follows the path of truth does not suffer the atrocities. He took all the sufferings and prayed to God for love and peace of his subjects. He was a king, a protector and guide to his people.

The enemies killed Jesus and yet could not wipe off his preaching. His disciples spread his message in countries galore and transformed human race into more sensible beings. Christianity was spread by missionaries in convents, churches and everywhere. Off late Christian forums and Christian social networks have emerged in the web arena and offer the excellent opportunity for an expansive growth in believers of truth and peace.

Now like-minded people can flock together at these Christian forums and social networks and exchange their views and ideas about the religion, views on life, its purpose and the way Christianity helps man in finding the meaning of his life. The Christian forums often share views about the ideas of Jesus and enlighten visitors to move ahead on the path of knowledge, transformation of life and wisdom.

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I webmaster of http://www.true2ourselves.com a Christian community website that features the Christian Forum,Christian groups,Christian news,church jobs and group of ministers belonging to different faith that share their wisdom.

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