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Discover an Important Rule on How to Build a Successful Home Based Business

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As a network marketer the rule of thumb is to not lead up front with your business opportunity.

You don’t try to sell your business opportunity when you meet someone for the first time. People don’t like being pushed around and forced to commit to some type of business opportunity they don’t know much about. You don’t want people to view you as a pushy salesman because you will never make any sales. You want people to gain trust in you so that you can get them to purchase more or even eventually join your business opportunity down the road. And the best way to do this is by means of a funded proposal.

Well, a funded proposal is a way of selling low-priced informational products for the purpose of covering your advertising costs. However, if you have a quality low-priced product that you believe is useful then you can definitely make a profit from it as plenty of people are able to generate profits with a funded proposal. You may wonder what types of low-priced informational products are good to sell to your prospects? I’ve found that the inexpensive informational products that increase your business skills to benefit you financially are very popular. Any products that further educate yourself in your business is valuable because you need to constantly invest in yourself to keep up with the new standards in this industry to ensure your business’s success. For example, I’ve found that an inexpensive product that is very valuable for network marketers is Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring. It’s a guide for network marketers that helps them learn how to sponsor more people effectively. You may ask the question “Why would I want to sell a product such as this?” Well it’s known that 95 percent of your customer leads are not going to join your primary business opportunity. They either have their own business opportunity or they are just searching to learn more about the possibilities of the network marketing industry. So why not offer those 95 percent of people the opportunity to buy a low-priced informational product that could be of benefit to them. Those 95 percent of people are more inclined to buy something inexpensive that offers value rather than committing to some opportunity that costs thousands of dollars up front. And if they find that the inexpensive informational product they’ve bought from you is truly beneficial to them, they will gain confidence and trust in you. Because of this they will continue to come back to you for more information. You will then have the opportunity to continue to educate them and potentially sell them more inexpensive products.

This is when the relationship building takes place. And to continue to grow financially in any business you must establish trusting relationships. You have established trust when you see the same people continually returning to you for more information. This is how it begins. You offer a prospect something of value that is inexpensive. When they see the value in your recommendation they will come to believe in you. They may even join your newsletter. You can then offer them additional inexpensive informational products within your funded proposal. Some will purchase and help you make money and some may even join your business opportunity down the line.

So with a funded proposal system you can generate immediate profits, which means you can afford advertising, which means you can generate endless leads, which means you have the potential to sponsor more distributors.

The major earners today are advertisting everything but their business opportunity. You can ask why. Well its fast cash they can utlize for their business and it also helps to construct a large customer list of other networkers. And remember a huge customer list is always a fantastic thing to have as you can continue to monetize this list by advertising more and more useful inexpensive products by utilizing your funded proposal system.

A few benefits of a funded proposal are the following:

1. It’s a fantastic way to establish strong relationships and have more customer leads come to you for additional information. Remember more customer leads means more opportunities to make financial gains . People will either continue to buy your inexpensive products or some may even decide to become a member in your business opportunity.

2. A funded proposal allows your newest reps to be in the positive cash flow and thus allows their confidence to increase.

3. This strategy is very important because it will allow you to hang in there financially before you actually start selling your big ticket item which is your primary business opportunity.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBlast.com

About The Author:

Brandon R. Drake is a professional marketer and online marketing coach that helps serious entrepreneurs increase their skills and learn effective techniques to be successful in network marketing.

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