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Unlocking absolute greatness: Embracing the entrepreneurial mindset and leadership in the black community

Hey there, aspiring leaders, game-changers, wealth generators, legacy builders, and all around the most dopest innovators on this side of creation!

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about building businesses; it’s about building dreams. Now more than ever, the Black community is stepping into this space with unapologetic boldness, flair, and undeniable genius and that’s just on a Monday.

1. Know Your Roots, Spread Your Branches

First things first, let’s get something straight. The Black community has always been entrepreneurial. From the street-corner hair braiders of Ghana to the Harlem Renaissance business moguls; entrepreneurship is in our DNA. So, when we talk about cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, it’s not about adopting something new. It’s about reconnecting with our roots.

2. The Mindset of Possibilities

In a world that often sees limitations, an entrepreneurial mindset spots opportunity. Remember when Auntie Tashia made those mouth-watering cakes, cupcakes, and a host of other delicious treats for the family cookouts and functions? She wasn’t just making dessert; she was showcasing a potential business venture! Fast forward to now, Auntie Tashia gave birth to Cakes by Tashia Necole. (Tashia Mundy on all social media platforms) where she gets to get paid from her creative ability to bring the most delicious experience to your pallet.

It’s that mindset of turning your passion, your skills, or even your grandma’s secret recipe into something bigger. And for the Black community, it’s about creating spaces, products, and services that resonate with our unique experiences. 

3. Fearless Leadership

Leadership in entrepreneurship goes beyond building and guiding a team. It’s about standing up against the odds and saying, “I believe in this, “I believe in me” and I’m going to make it work!” Think of all the Black legends who’ve done this – from Madam C.J. Walker to Jay-Z. Their paths weren’t straightforward, but their conviction was unwavering.

4. Resilience is the Name of the Game

Rejections? Bring ’em on! Failures? Just steppingstones! The Black community knows all about resilience. We’ve faced adversities head-on and have come out stronger every time. Translating this into the entrepreneurial realm means understanding that no setback is permanent unless you allow it to be. It means when others say no, you say yes, it means shattering every negative thought and emotion, and tapping into that part of you that says do it anyway!

5. Community Over Everything

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. But guess what? We’ve always thrived as a community. Lean on your brothers and sisters. Collaborate, share resources, or simply bounce off ideas. When one of us rises, we all do. That’s the power of community-driven leadership. No more gatekeeping. There is power in numbers.

6. Authenticity as Your Superpower

In a world full of imitations, authenticity stands out. Your story, your culture, your struggles, and triumphs – these are the things that make your entrepreneurial journey uniquely yours. Embrace it! As a Black entrepreneur, you bring a perspective to the table that is rich, diverse, and invaluable. You get to be exclusive, top of the line because you are the greatest version of you. You get to continue to grow and develop and discover how to activate and operate in your authentic self daily.

7. Knowledge is Power

Stay informed. Whether it’s about the latest market trends, business strategies, or understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within the Black community, equip yourself with knowledge. It’s like my mother always said, “Education is something nobody can ever take away from you.”

Wrapping It Up:

Being an entrepreneur is about more than just business. It’s a lifestyle, a mindset, and most importantly, a responsibility. As Black entrepreneurs, we have the power to shape narratives, inspire generations, and create legacies.

The journey won’t be easy, but oh, will it be worth it! Remember, every giant leap starts with a simple step. So, lace up those sneakers, or if you’re like me, grab a banging pair of stilettos or a cute pump, and tap into that entrepreneurial spirit, and let’s make some magic. The Black community has always been a beacon of inspiration, innovation, and the most creative beings on this planet. It’s time we let the world see our brilliance in full technicolor.

To all the Black entrepreneurs out there: You’ve got this. And we’ve got you. Let’s rise together!

Bridgette Thornton is an author and small business developer. Contact Bridgette Thornton at booksbybridgette@yahoo.com.

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