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How To Make Home Based Business Success A Reality

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For most, finding home based business success will never become a reality.

I’m not saying to that to be mean; I’m saying it because the statistics back me up time and time again. If you want to discover how to become part of the five-percent who actually make money in their home based business, as opposed to the 95% who make little or not money; then pay very close attention to these simple rules for achieving home based business success

First we must understand that it’s NEVER as easy as others claim it is. I’ve seen countless ads in newspapers and verbiage on websites that claims that you’ll be able to make $19-Milliion dollars in just 37 minutes and all you’ll have to do is click your heels 3 times! Ok, so maybe I’m being a little bit funny, but the reality is that the people doing the selling do a wonderful job of selling you on the potential end result, and not on everything that’s involved in you achieving that end result.

I’m not saying that these people are bold faced liars; heck, you should probably go check out some of my ad copy if you want to see a great example of “end result” marketing -lol. But what I am saying is that no matter what the opportunity, It’s NEVER as easy as others claim that it is. And if you see testimonials on the web-page that tell you that “Timmy made 100 sales in his first 24 hours” then understand that, Timmy, was probably an experienced marketer already, and he wasn’t in the same position as you, when he first joined the opportunity!

Next, we need to understand the power of consistency. One of the biggest issues regarding entrepreneurs not achieving home based business success, is that they’re never consistent long enough to make big things happen

It’s no secret. We live in a “microwave” society, and if we don’t start seeing big results within 5 minutes of joining something; then chances are pretty good that we’re off to the next/newest opportunity. I’m as guilty of this as anyone. I remember when I joined a particular mlm opportunity back in 2002. I was all excited and ready to see big things happen. I started to market the opportunity and within my first 2 weeks I had made $90.

But then, some of the people I started to recruit started to drop out of my business. Instead of staying consistent, I said to myself “oh well, this isn’t working” off to the next thing for me.

Had I chosen to stay in the opportunity, I could have ended up being like some of the people I ended up hearing about who are currently making 6-figures (or more) a year with that particular opportunity, even though they joined AFTER I did!

Lastly, we must understand that achieving any goal has as much to do with positive mindset as it does with anything else. Home based business success made a reality requires that you approach the business/opportunity with every intention of making it a work. A good way of explaining this is to use the following example:

When your child was born (assuming you have one – lol) and you were teaching him/her how to walk, did he/she fall down? Of course they did! But did you say to yourself: “Oh well, little Mary keeps falling down, so I guess she’s not supposed to walk”. Of course not, that would be silly. You see, when you were working with your child to try to get him/her to be successful at walking; you approached the situation with the “until” mindset. Every time your child fell down, you didn’t think twice about picking them back up and making them try again. You said to yourself: “We’re gonna keep trying UNTIL he/she gets it!”

And that’s the same kind of mindset approach you’ll need if you want to achieve home based business success!


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About The Author:

Devon Brown (a.k.a “The Success Renegade”) is one of the most talented young speakers and success coaches in the mlm & home business arena. His powerful information is helping home business entrepreneurs finally achieve the success they deserve and desire. Learn more about Devon and take advantage his FREE Home Business Success Tips by visiting: http://RenegadeSuccess.com

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