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Christians And Their World

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The Christian religion, in consideration of world wide view, has God as the basis of everything.

Life could not and would not exist without God. Everything centers on God, from birth to death. What is the prime reality? “God and His Creation (Open Universe)”. To expound upon on this philosophy, then one must consider the reality of everyday life in the Christian religion. Devout Christians, regardless of their denomination such as Catholic or Baptist, are raised that to surrender one’s will to God empowers them through their faith to accomplish great things. “God helps those who help themselves” is a quote often used. Place your belief in God and you can overcome anything. Through prayer, God will hear you and come to your aid in times of despair or illness. Live a pious life as Jesus Christ did and you walk in the pathway of the Savior. God, church and family are the three essentials to live by so God is the prime reality.

What is the nature of the external reality around us? It is God’s creation. God created the Earth, the Universe, and all living things within it. The air that we breathe, the ground upon which we walk or the waters that we drink or sail upon, the foods, whether plant or animal, and the human race with which we live, God created.

What is a human being? “Created in God’s Image, thus possessing personality, self- transcendence, intelligence, morality.” Some may question as to what aspect a human being is created in God’s Image. Is our physical appearance as that of God or is it that our soul and views are created in the Divine Image of God? Most Christians would say that we appear as God in our deeds and thought since God is a Divinity of no solid texture but simply the Spirit that exists in everything. We must strive as flawed human beings to live and try to achieve God’s Perfection and in the act of doing that, we can classify ourselves in His Image.

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