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Hair As Indicator – How Important You Were!

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White Wig Days

The white wig days when hair as indicator, meant you had power. Those were way, way back when the French and English wore snow white wigs in meetings or in court rooms to show their rankings in society, no one else wore wigs but them. Yes, they had to show where they stood in society and how close they were either to the king or queen, or government.

Even though we may look back in history, hair as indicator for religion also played a part of every day life. Still today the Budha religion, in their solitary confinement, away from the evil ways of the world, the men shave their hair off. Is this a token of purity, a bodily offering of theirs or simply cleanliness? For the Rastafarian religion hair as indicator is an important thing, by wearing dreadlocks implies you are a naturalist Rastafarian.

Gone are the days too when joining the military meant you had to have your hair cut short back and sides, left with only a few bristles. Of course those in the military forces still have to conform to some standard, which is of course a still very neat yet still short for a man. While on the other side of the spectrum, the females have to either keep their hair tied up neatly if it is long enough to be tied up, or keep it short and neat too. Till today you can still distinguish a person who is in the force as their hair as indicator says it all.

Under Cover Hair

And of course there are those topics about hair that some men are in denial about. Loss of hair as indicator to age and baldness, they tend to make it sound so much more severe like a life threatening disease, alopecia. Through genes or stress, men’s hair does tend to thin out faster than a woman’s does. The only way some men get away with this balding problem, is by camouflage with a toupee, gel their hair over the other thinner spots, or sometimes just shave their hair off altogether.

Personal Need Or Spoilage

It is nice to see and know that some people still take good care of their hair. By going to the salon regularly not only makes you feel good for some care, it does indicate good health and wellness in your personal being too.

Not everyone can afford going to salons, so there are loads of products on the shop shelves that can be used at home too, so that your hair can still be healthy and looking good.

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