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Saturday, May 15, 2021

It Seems to Me: Testing is needed before K-12 schools open

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While much attention is being given to the economy of our city and state as related to reopening, there is very little said about our children starting back to school this fall. While our governor seems to be attentive to opening up businesses along with many others who are our paid civil servants, nothing is being discussed about our children going back into the classroom. The fundamental questions become as follows:

What are the plans for our K-12 students to be tested for COVID-19?

What are the plans for teachers and staff to be tested for COVID-19?

What are the plans for Parents/foster Parents to be tested for COVID-19?

These are the questions that must be addressed immediately with a positive intent to serve and protect our children. Not just the children, but families. Education in our city and state is a big economic enterprise. It is a business as important as beauty parlors, restaurants, churches and other money-making enterprises. Yes, there is the outcry to open these entities. Yet, what is the solution for protecting our children when it comes to reopening our schools this fall? As stated, education is a big economic enterprise. Better yet, it is “big business.” And this business is to serve our children, teachers, staff and families. This cannot be done with schools opening without testing being done on all levels in the educational systems, K-12. Here in our city, we have already been made aware of the very obvious disparities related to race and the poor communities. The Black population has all the indications of reaping the rage of death and sickness of COVID-19.

Today, we already know there is an educational gap in regard to the Black and poor white population in our city and state. This pandemic in my point of view has truly just begun when it comes to our children and the business of schools. If a full testing initiative is not done with parents, students, teachers and staff, there will be a whirlwind of destruction. Presently, our educational system, in my opinion, with this crisis of the pandemic has no clue how to address the problem for the safety of our children. All we want to do is open schools with no clear-cut solutions. Can you imagine kindergarten, first graders and second graders with masks on in the class, and at the same time doing social distancing and the teacher attempting to instruct and facilitate a learning environment?

Yes, we have a pandemic that is impacting the physical health of many and especially a relevant high number of Blacks and poor whites alike. Yet we fail to see or realize that this pandemic has a systemic consequence that is latent. What I mean is it has an impact on the mind set the consciousness of person or people not to see consequences of decisions that are driven by money and economics. If we put our children back into classrooms without testing because it facilitates money and revenue for our way of business in education this means we are not serious about physical or mental health. It also means our children are pawns and/or sheep for the slaughter.

I encourage every parent and serious citizen of the city and state to make our civil elected servants be aggressive in putting together an aggressive testing program for our children, parents, teachers and staff before they enter school this fall. If this is not done, be aware of the devastating consequences that will come to our children and their families. Remember, education and economics in our society is an enterprise. Which means in this capitalistic economic system, profits are the end game. However, be aware that our children should be the end game and not the means.

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