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Josiah’s Resolutions: Plan for everything, because nothing is guaranteed…

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Plan for everything, because nothing is guaranteed and it’s always good to have a safety net. If you remember back to my first article, when I began documenting my journey, I not only went over my fitness aspirations but also my career ambitions.  I have now entered the 10th week of my partial liquid diet and I have begun upping my physical activity, so when it comes to my overall health I feel as if I am actually getting something accomplished, but the more lofty goals regarding my career have been up in the air.

 Just an update, I have been meeting up with a freelance 3D animator to help relieve some of the burden with the post production of the “The Great Ophelia ” (the short film I started back in June of 2014). It has been almost a year since I began production and I feel this looming pressure over my head. I have actors and even my mother prodding me to finish, I can’t blame them because they all have invested their time, and even for some of them their own money, into the completion of the final product, but they don’t realize that it takes time. I have a full time job and what seems like a thousand other things I need to do, and even though feeling busy is refreshing and makes me feel like I am actually doing something purposeful — it can still become a little overwhelming. But with the way everything is shaping out I should be premiering my film in the coming months. But with all that being said, the lesson I have gathered from the making of this film is that planning is paramount and as sad as I am to say it I didn’t plan far enough ahead.

Mistakes are to be expected, but a good portion of them could have been avoided with just some simple thinking.

 Now these mistakes didn’t take away from the overall production but they did prolong the effort and strained my finances. I take full responsibility for any oversight, and I don’t regret any of the mistakes that I made during the production because they were excellent learning opportunities, and none of them were a gross enough determent to recoil from, but they were still easily avoidable mistakes all the same.  My closing statement is this; plan ahead to the best of your ability and always expect the worst because it often does happen.

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